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Server merge, HW being "Forced" to PvP



  • SparkerX wrote: »
    While I understand the general distaste for reading or hearing people whine about this merge, I honestly dont think a rage moment and calling people out is going to make the situation any better.

    I am a HW player and am looking forward to the merge. Some people simply do not take the time to read and or invest the kind of time that others do to understand the whole mechanics of the system. I joined HW for the PVE game play and still do Alliance and the occasional Duel. (PVP)

    Here is the simplest explanation to those that "dont" get it.
    PVP 65 only (NO PVP UNDER LVL 65 ALLOWED) - Change channels if you want to avoid PVP in Open world - Safe Zones are where you spend most of your time after you hit lvl 65 so PVP will not even be an option. (for those that dont know what change channels or safe zones mean then ASK)

    Toxic players exist in all game types and in all servers.

    Most of HW is looking forward to the server merge. (from my daily view of conversations we are having in global chat)
    The only ones throwing a fit are the "few" that have no understanding or concept of the merge.

    I realize helping people understand a new concept is not an easy thing to do but if we take the time to educate people rather than "going-off" on them or on a giant rant, I believe it would produce a chain of events that might actually do some good. (to a select few)

    "thekor" is right. Small groups of the community are not going to get their way by self entitlement - If a mass majority of people in VOT - LOT and HW all had negative comments about this merge then and only then would Enmasse consider an alternative.

    And for those that just dont get it, cant wrap their head around the concept, or simply do not like the idea regardless of what is explained, should be considered as one-off's. These few people will have a choice to move to AV and there wont be any issues. Simple.

    I just tell those that do complain. Stick around for a few days... Try the new server - if you dont like it - Move to AV. Sounds pretty simple to me.

    If they just gave me and other who wanted to leave all the slots for bank space,char,and wardrobe that we paid for we wouldn't need to complain at all. That is the biggest point you people are missing, and just dismissing us like we are acting "entitled" isnt helping. We will see how things work out, another reason i have to leave is my guild will be as well so no real reason to stay now at all really.

    If they did that, they wouldn't be giving you an incentive to stick around on the new server, which is the very reason HW got involved in this merger in the first place. Otherwise, they would have just left HW out of it entirely because HW's overall population was not low (just its end-game community). The option to move to AV was intentionally made less desirable than just staying put, because they hope that people will compromise about their dislike for PvP when they see how it actually works in practice (no ganking while levelling, safe zones in almost all key areas, channel-switching, etc.). To ensure the server remains healthy, most of the population of all three servers needs to stick together.

    There is no incentive for me or anyone else who doesn't want to be on FF to stay, the only ones being put out by this are the HW players that don't want to be on a pvp server. I get it they want this server to do well, and i fail to see how forcing people that don't want to be there will do it any good. None of this matters they have already made up there minds and we just have to deal with it, some will move to av others will quit and mabye the server will be fine w/o us who move/quit or maybe it will fail we can only wait and see.
  • I won't ever join a pvp server. After all years of playing Aion and seeing all the hackers why would anyone from a pve server want join a pvp server. Who says same one that was hackers on Aion aren't here on pvp servers on Tera.
  • thekor wrote: »
    please.. get over yourself you aren't that special no one is and just because a small group of you special darling snowflakes complain about this doesn;t mean anything is going to happen sorry!

    You do realize the merge is likely the cause of endgame PvE community on HW complaining right? And look! Something is happening! I didn't read the rest of your post, cause seriously who is.
  • There aren't channels for pvp and pve... That would be idiotic.
  • ii2legiitii2legiit ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    @KGTDHM6X6J how did they make it not worth playing. all they are trying to do is help the game out its self

    @kormu from what i seen there is no "hacking" to Tera's pvp. in my 1year of playing iv seen 1 hacker and they were banned in less then a week.
    and it wasnt even a Major hack. it was just no combat movement speed when in combat.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    ii2legiit wrote: »
    @KGTDHM6X6J how did they make it not worth playing. all they are trying to do is help the game out its self

    because they are able to take bad decision, highwatch was their creation and they killed vot and lot with the one week free transfert to mount tyranna in may 2015
  • It's not even totally about 'being forced into pvp'. It's about wanting to avoid the typical types of attitudes that fester within pvp servers. A merge in general was massively needed for all three servers; what I'm not happy with is being forced off of a pve server onto a server that's not only bringing over all those attitudes that I originally avoided by rolling on a pve server but that is also going to be bringing in even more like-minded people.
  • kormu wrote: »
    I won't ever join a pvp server. After all years of playing Aion and seeing all the hackers why would anyone from a pve server want join a pvp server. Who says same one that was hackers on Aion aren't here on pvp servers on Tera.

    hackers really hackers lol please this game can't be hacked and there aren't any hackers. I'm in a pvp server i dont like pvp but im there and i don't have any problems since the time i've been in there play the game yes i've been pked but i dont care its just a game to me and i have fun playing it if you dont like pvp server then transfer to the pve one stop cryingyou dont have to pvp in a pvp server its that simple.
  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    KGTDHM6X6J wrote: »
    PVP has nothing to do with it.
    All HW players will lose all thier time an effort they put in the game. EME made it so it's not worrth playing any more.

    can you explain whats the difference in a pve server and a pvp one cause it seems that you know so much am sure its same pve stuff that i do in LOT that you do in HW.
  • Move to AV server and stop crying ??
  • YumiYoomiYumiYoomi
    edited September 2016
    Look, let's all take a chill pill.
    Except probably some of you probably are addicted to Xanax.

    I just say that y'all better stop ur whining, and move to AV. We don't need whiners in the new server.
    And if you're so worried about PKing, you won't get killed until level 65.
    Put on your big girl panties, wipe away your tears and get ahold of yourself. All of you are becoming salty over a server transfer, which I'm actually looking forward to. Since MY server (and I say this as a joke, it's not mine lmao) is dead asf, I'm excited to meet other people who are also passionate about getting geared and PvP. And if you're not, then cool- I just suggest if you're going to whine about the whole transfer and how you're gonna be "killed" just move to AV. Please. Either that or uninstall if you're whining about a game that is based on a majority of PvP servers and entertainment of the franchise just because your level 14 got killed in Fey Forest. Cry me a river. All of us have been killed once, and i'm not whining about it. Frankly I grew better on it, but here's the big question if you're still gonna whine about it.
    Why the hell would you run towards a level 65 who has outlaw on?
  • To certain people in this thread...


    We all know your opinions on the merge, so please let other people discuss it without bringing your obvious unresolved sexual tension for eachother here. Again.
  • PvPers keep saying that PvE'ers are afraid and want to leave. I beg to differ. It's not about anything fearful. I originally moved many of my characters to HW to get away from 'overcrowding', plus many of my friends and I wanted to be together on ONE server.

    I chose PvE because I can't stand PvP. I've PvP'd enough on every other game I had that I got burned out. TERA was a nice game that I could enjoy the PvE aspects of it.

    Yeah, I'll be moving my 14 L65 players off of HW to AV. I want a more relaxed atmosphere of PvE. I don't want to worry about safe zones, looking behind me, ganking, or having to switch channels all the time. Why put more effort into something I can avoid?

    As a PvE player, I'm not bashing PvP or it's players. I'm not seeing the other PvE'ers doing it, either. I can't say the opposite is true. The nastiness I see in this thread comes pretty much from one side. Frankly, it's the same attitude I have seen over and over again in every game I have ever played that had PvE and PvP. The putdowns from the PvP players.

    Perhaps it's time to take the blinders off and see the forest through the trees. We are leaving HW/FF. All we want to do is enjoy what time we have left and make the move to a server we'll be happier to play on.

    Everyone has a right to express their opinion. Putting down PvE'ers because they don't want to play on a PvP server isn't cool. Again, I see this in every game I've ever played. Just let it go.
  • ii2legiitii2legiit ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    Yah, tbh after seeing this i'm 100% down to pk anyone who "crys" during the 2days of not being able to Transfer and i'm sure i'm not the only one. Don't need people crying in the new server, Just move to AV if you don't agree with the merge. That's all i have to say. To anyone who keeps to them self abt the merge (the people crying) ofc i don't have a problem with. But i don't want to see people crying on the 1st day of uptime.
  • To certain people in this thread...


    We all know your opinions on the merge, so please let other people discuss it without bringing your obvious unresolved sexual tension for eachother here. Again.

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