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Patch Notes: May 17, 2016 - Secrets & Shadows



  • Its already 11 AM,2 hours past 9 and the servers are still unavailable, any update???
  • JGElinJGElin ✭✭
    Wrong time zone, man. Patch time is 7-9 AM PDT (10AM - 12PM EDT). So, an hour or so? Well, if it's not extended, which is possible/probable/very likely.
  • Talrune wrote: »
    As a long time player (20 years now) of mmos balance ALWAYS shifts with updates etc it has too due to feedback from all regions. If you want a class that wont change or rarely in balance then perhaps a mmorpg is not your thing...try a single player game or a game that rarely does any updates or expansions.. Not trying to be rude but stating a fact you should always come into a mmo knowing that classes will eb and flow with power.

    I have been playing computer games since 1975.
    I played City of Heroes , for over 8 + years til they shut the servers down.
    it went thru a even bigger change from PVE to PVE/PVP game, now that was a big change/balancing.

    yes there was a lot of complaining, but in the end it was still a good game
  • the big question is do i go for the lvl 65 flying mount with my mystic and learn her new moves or do i just dive in and lvl the new nija class because when the patch gets done there will be 50 to 100 plus new ninjas in stepsto island witch might be lag city.
  • iLiliumiLilium ✭✭
    If the game is asleep and has no waypoint, it will eventually die. It's like most games, you play it and beat it, but without content you want to quit because nothing else is going on. I like Tera, myself, so would rather them improve and expand. Nothing wrong with adding onto things. If life was the same always, and nothing ever changed, we probably wouldn't really progress.
  • i agree with you ililium i love tera i think its the best mmo it is always upgrading there is always new events and new classes. because if tera stopped upgrading it would become dead people will get board with it and stop playing i have seen so many mmo's die and fade out because they did not upgrade or do new things. keep up the good work tera
  • KAiiRUKAiiRU
    edited May 2016
    "This server isn't up yet!"
    oh man. How much longer must I rub my manboobs? I'm ready for the lag and endless low level pks. I just want to see a lv65 mow through a crowd of us ninjas right outside lumbertown. the kill notification spam. can't wait.
  • server up now waiting for patch to download.
  • sawi wrote: »
    server up now waiting for patch to download.

    yeah I finished downloading the patch but when I log in I get sent to server list and it says "This server isn't up yet!" on all servers.
  • Rip poor sorcs...
  • ChenzoChenzo ✭✭
    1k vanguard each freaking mwa box... O.o
    I have a life outside, cant farm like zerg all day...
  • ChoaruChoaru ✭✭
    Chenzo wrote: »
    1k vanguard each freaking mwa box... O.o
    I have a life outside, cant farm like zerg all day...
    ....wait what...
    Please say they are increasing the amount of MWA given zzzzz

  • >> Refined and relocated level 11–20 zones quests. <<

    you mean story quests ;3
  • Can't even login after what feels like an hour... How am i supposed to participate in the 24 hour event if enmasse can't even support the game well enough for its player base to login to Tera.
  • works fine for me :proud:
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