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Why are so many people convinced they will be forced to PvP?



  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Some stuff I will say that will let people change their minds.

    1. PvP gear is not much different. I will point it right back to my own guide in the Player Guide's section. If you have a VM gear, unless you have it terribly rolled to begin with you will do barely differently compared to having a full PvP rolled gear. Slaughter while still pretty weak gives you a fighting edge. Hence, just wear whatever you have really, especially now that most gear have streamlined rolls that do not only affect monsters.

    2. You have 5 glyph pages. Telling me you use all 5 for PvE is laughable. On my Priest I had only 1 dungeon running page (because it didn't make sense to have more than one), 1 soloing page, and 2 pvp pages for different purposes. And like people who search for glyph guides for classes, they could do the very same for PvP. Of course you may argue that people won't be interested to search for what they don't need, or use it even though they do, but this very same reasoning applies to PvE as well.

    3. Knowledge is of course something most PvE players lack, that was what happened when I was learning the game as well. Really depends on whether you end up putting the effort (I know most PvP players spend hours duelling just to perfect their reaction times and combos)

    4. I have run alone in PvP grounds on both ends of the stick. From experience, if you have a +15 gear most people won't dare to touch you unless you run into them. If you have a blue gear though, you will most likely be killed.

    5. From experience in Fey forest, you can sit in channel 1 farming mats and no one will be there to kill you, or even KSing your mobs. Of course I will try to change that fact on the weekend but I don't have DPS on FF to begin with soooooo.

    6. Because of point 5, I just leave my camera on front in PvP servers most of the time. No point turning back to check when there is no one to begin with.

    7. Again because of point 5, chances of you being bombed with "LOLOLO noob I killed you again" or "GTFO cheater stop killing me" are even lower.

    8. I disagree with the idea that "There are unknown single players/small guilds you can stomp anytime". There ARE small guilds especially from Highwatch that are hard to fight against. Throw a 200 man guild against their 20 and the 20 of them will probably win. And the reason why the big names in MT are big in the very first place is because they worked very hard for it. I can throw the same idea to PvE. Is it that just because you are in a top guild, you will automatically have the best scores in crusade? You still need to gear and practice on a daily basis?

    I can completely understand that most of the lower end of Highwatch (casuals without VM gear) just don't want to compete with other players. And again I emphasize, not all PvPers are elitist like how not all PvErs are. We have shown facts to prove that PvP servers cooperated way better in PvE and OW events even with the fact that they could kill each other. That's why most people have said countless times that most of the challenges that PvErs face in a PvP (or PvP65) server are all in the mind.

  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    My reluctance to pvp comes from my nature as a person, which as I get older gets more cemented into me. I personally like to help. Even my real job is about helping people(as a firefighter). Going against anyone goes contrary to my beliefs (unless that person is doing wrong of course), so I prefer to play either solo or cooperative in games. I may be able to do pvp in a training sort of way, but not really competitively.

    Trash talk can be a minor factor but this is the Internet. Thick skin and anti heat suits are needed. Being anonymous and having no risk of big repercussions gives some young people a sense of power that makes them extra chaotic. They will say things they wouldn't be able to even whisper if the person they are trash talking to were right in front of them (that's why I loved the arcades back them. you couldn't trash talk me if you were right next to me. :p ). Sadly, this toxic attitude as also seeped into top end game, which is why I'm reluctant to do as well unless I finally get social, get a bunch of friends and start doing training runs or something. IF I can ever get fully back into this game... :D
  • LaemieLaemie ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    I have never played on any other servers besides CH, and its been like 4 years or so i cant remember anymore but i can -feel- how it might be in a PvP server.

    Sure there's a-hole everywhere in every server but in a PvE server, they can do no harm to me, i can block them and never see their face again.

    If ppl actually care about being killed "only" as many of you PvPer claimed, then i dont think saying "OMG the server has been up for a few days only, noone has pk'd ever, man OW PVP is dead!" would be accurate. Like counterpoint said, ppl care more bout how it would be in the long run and our mentality for daily basis activities in the game.

    I do gathering quests everyday, on every char because why not, its relaxing, i stop here and there just to enjoy the scenery. Approx 11 chars. I run into ppl who try their best to take the node im trying to get, not saying the node is mine but do you need to DAsh, jump back and forth just to get the node im aiming at lol. Most of the time since i gather things in an order, so i know which one will spawn and i'll just camp there til it spawns, then i just slowly take it, some curses me sure, but they're nothing for me to care about, if i see someone's already been gathering there, i would just change channel and be done with it, but some ppl wont feel the need to change channel, owell lol. But in a PvP server, you all know what'd happen to me.

    Just like counterpoint said, i want it to NEVER happen -EVER- i play this game because i want to do what i like, iv never grinded TAR because i hated it. Iv never grinded IoD because i hate it, heII, i cant even remember when's the last time i did BG, tell me to do DFnm on all my chars and i'll hiss at you because i hate it. I Hate doing things i dont like, and game is supposed to bring me joy not stress. Dont tell me to get a PvP glyph page because i hate PvP, i dont want to spend a single minute to look at a PvP Guide because its worthless to me (no offense to PvP players). Telling me to get a better PvP glyph page to deal with trolls, as i said, i hate PvP, i hate trolls and i hate dealing with them altogether. I dont want to curse them, i dont want to see them suffer or anything, i just want them to disappear, just gone, away from my life.

    If you keep saying "OW PVP is dead youre crying for nothing", youre not looking at things in the bigger picture sadly - dont really want to argue further, just tossing my opinions :>
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