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Wen can we start trasfering to AV its 9am pst hear an its asking for emp

its still doing a normal transfer deal an asking for emp also gold is set to 50k . wen can we expect to transfer over time wise . I hope tree fart bought donunts an caffays for staff :D


  • " For these players, there will be a free transfer period from Fey Forest (PVP65) to Ascension Valley (PVE) starting on Friday, September 9 at 10 a.m. PDT and lasting until maintenance on Tuesday, September 13. " - quote from merge FAQ. Basically 1 more hour.
  • woot 10 ok thankys :D
  • I nkow the transfer is FREE on the 9th at 10am PDT / or 5pm GMT it's now 10.30am when i posted this, but is it completly free as it's saying you have insuffiecient EMP when i try to transfer :( do we need to buy EMP or what? it says free but it should be completely free to me.
  • should be free right now. got enabled roughly at 9:50am.
  • I transferred 2 chars to sned some items to AV since needed them there lol, still have 11 chars on FF, I liked the server and seems crowded and saw many new chars leveling up there. So I am glad about the new server and the free transfer :chuffed:
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