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Server Downtime Hangout Thread: May 17, 2016



  • iEIfieiEIfie ✭✭
    I'm just going to continue pewpew'ing spaceships.... @[email protected]
  • Do you guys like Yandere characters by the way ?

    Yandere characters are So Good.
  • FleettFleett ✭✭✭✭
    OMG My blood pressure must be so high right now... the anticipation, too much waiting!!
  • Falados wrote: »
    Fuyako wrote: »
    Decore wrote: »
    1 more minute!!!!!

    Spacecats said that maintenance was 7 hours to 10 hours
    sorry '-'

    In game said 2 hours maintance mate

    Those are normal maintenances though, not patch ones.
  • So are we waiting another hour? ._.
  • it is a pre-made message and automatic weekly IG
  • cuzcuz ✭✭
    awe but can we talk about how cute the ninja loading screen is when waiting for client to pop up?? much better art than the brawler one
  • JGElin wrote: »
    Do you guys like Yandere characters by the way ?

    Don't tell me you're doing Kotonoha Katsura or Yuno Gasai.

    JGElin wrote: »
    Got some Yuki Kajiura to listen to here.

    I am actually listening to some Yuki Kajiura osts atm

    She's awesome. Listening to A song of Fire and Flame right now, and will probably go to Mezame next.

    I love the osts from Tsubasa but my fav's are the ones she made for Madoka ^^
  • iEIfieiEIfie ✭✭
    Pascalle wrote: »
    We haven't had an update from @CobaltDragon, clearly the servers have exploded and EME are contacting their insurance agents :confounded:

    Just finishing up the last few things on a very long checklist, then it's Go Time!

  • Veldoran wrote: »

    What I'm listening to while I wait to get back to speed levelling my gunner. Might consider listening to it more often during PvP o.O The RAGE IS REAL!

    now u talking thats some real music there
  • Hello o/

    I'm just eager to get back on so I can catch some world bosses :chuffed:
  • RayleenRayleen ✭✭
  • LatzaLatza ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Comment removed.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭

    well ....
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