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Another of those "Just going to leave this here" (finally pretty weapon skins)



  • ;_; the mystic weapon looks kinda ok, but it's just a winged skull on a stick...

    I think all sceptors are lackluster because of how small the weapon is. The only one that's actually decent is probably the magical girl wand for the lol factor.
  • I'd like to actually SEE some of the skins we have. Meaning we have a choice of Flame Color for +15 (and Flames just = +15), or we have the option to turn OFF the glows. How many White themed Characters will just end up with back slot items like now, when their +15 weapon or +9 and up doesn't match the Red or Blue weapon glow to their costumes?

    I like to show off the Skins I buy. But Not sure how my very expensive Pro Plasma Jedi Two Hander is going to look on my Slayer when it goes from the Blue Skin it has now with a blue glow, to a +15 Weapon. I hate the look of my +15 weapon skins being destroyed by the fire look, which isn't bad if you are a red themed character, however it looks like these skins will fall into the same category as so many other skins when you get your weapon to +13 or +15. You get a Back Slot, to hide it.

    Just look at the Lumbertown Bridge on MT and see how many winged, backpack wearing, scarf characters there are sporting capes... :anguished:
  • SyjitraSyjitra ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    IMO the worst weap skin has always sorcerer such small disc so... nothing much to see (dont hate me for this its just IMO)

    As a Sorcerer main, I can say you are right in saying there isn't much to see. I personally really don't like the mystic weapon, but the disc really is nothing to oogle at. Even so, i'll still try and get it just because main. XD
    Nobody should hate you for your opinion on likes or dislikes as we all have different tastes.
  • Maybe they'll be released with the dragon mounts or around that time?
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