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EME: Please listen to player concerns and remove the crit power passives from the new dragon mounts


You may know me as Mystletoe from Tempest Reach. I am very concerned about the crit power passives being added to the game with these dragon mounts. If you do the math on the passives, you'll find that for brawlers and lancers if both of the mounts proc, they will increase your damage by 50% on critical hits against enraged bosses, and 68% on critical hits against nonenraged bosses. That's the difference between a 6 mil haymaker and a 10 mil haymaker. If only the +2 crit power mount procs, you're still getting a random 29% damage boost against enraged monsters and 39% against nonenraged monsters.

For dps classes, if both mounts proc you're looking at an extra 43% damage against enraged monsters and 56% damage against unenraged monsters. With only the +2 crit power proc, you're still going to see 25% extra damage against enraged monsters and 32% extra damage against unenraged monsters.

43% damage is the difference between a 50 mil Fire Avalanche and a 71.5 mil Fire Avalanche for a ninja. Basically, if you don't get lucky with the procs, you're effectively downgrading your +15 starfall weapon to +9 Schisma compared to someone who does have their rng procs up for a big hitting skill.

Like it or not, people will judge you based on how your runs with them go. These mounts could potentially have a huge impact on PvE performance, and it's solely dictated by RNG.

This crit power passive is NOT something I want to see added to Tera, and I would like to politely ask En Masse to please remove them. I will not be buying the mounts, and will encourage others not to buy them either to voice our disapproval as they are not an addition to the game that we want.

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Since some people are asking about my numbers, I go into detail here: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/comment/66329/#Comment_66329
Basically to see the damage boost from the dragon proc, take your old crit power + the boost from the dragon procs, and divide that by your old crit power. For a dps, this is (8.14+2+1.5)/(8.14) = 1.4299, a 42.99% damage increase on critical hits compared to not having the procs. Again, this is against an enraged boss, if the boss is unenraged the boost is even higher since you don't have the crit power from your focused crystal.


  • I agree. cx
  • Totally agree.
  • I also agree
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    agreed completely
  • Agree, this proc from mounts isnt where endgame PVE should be headed
  • I agree as well
  • I agree, even though I doubt this will ever change. Also...loot boxes? [filtered] that
  • MoppypopMoppypop
    edited September 2016
    I agree, similiar procs in other games is something I never enjoyed, and this addition is a problem because some classes benefit more than others. (i.e. a ninja can churn out a massive fire avalanche with this proc, while other classes do not have a high cooldown skill that does damage of this magnitude.)

    Also we don't need any more powercreep, bosses can die stupid fast already.

    Edit: Friend got the mount, it has a ~40sec CD and it's VERY likely to proc once off CD, making it incredibly easy to sync up with certain skills.
  • i agree with you 100%
  • The RNG does make it unreliable, which is what I assume you're trying to get at.
    I personally will have to see how these impact the game before making a decision one way or the other about them. If they don't really end up making too much of a difference, then fine I guess.

    I do agree with the concerns expressed in this thread regarding a timely proc massively increasing damage just in time for a key skill, while a proc directly after said skill will be mainly wasted.
  • I kinda wanna know if that math is sound. It seems a little outrageous. I'm not calling you out or saying you're wrong, but if that is the case then that's huge.
  • Also agree with you
  • wow are you serious rn? you guys..its a badass mount and the buff will be helpful, come on now
  • Completely agree, but I don't think enmasse really understands the numbers you're throwing out. And even if they did, they're likely contractually obligated to include content like this because of the content added to ktera. And because ktera doesn't give two shits about what NA players think, this content will likely stay.7
  • Agreed. Was thinking about this 15 minutes ago, too. If it's true that this entire proc is RNG-based then this can make the difference between whales and skilled players with big hitting skills such as FA as well as completely changing playstyles for players runs. (enraging when crit power procs rather than at start/mid fight)
    I believe this entire crit factor stat should be removed. The dragons are pricey enough simply looking badass as well as having far superior movespeed/flytime and much better HP/MP regen/s compared to other ones.
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