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Update Thread: Patching & Launcher Issues



  • my game is stuck on patch 39 how do i fix this.

    how am i meant to go for titles if i cant even play the game... event needs to start from when everything is working properly...
  • yeah ive been complaining on this thread and another thread but it seems most of the responses go to those are having issues with getting there stuff from the cash shop. I sort of feel a bit ignored already. A simple "were looking into the issue" would be nice
  • Stuck at patching less than a minute. Has anyone found a solution for it?
  • can someone with a working game upload their game.version somewhere for us.... other people have said that they got the latest one and it fixed the patching issue, letting them get the latest version
  • Mahavala wrote: »
    Stuck at patching less than a minute. Has anyone found a solution for it?

    I had this error and shutdown the launcher.
    relaunched and BLAMMMM! 5.7GB PATCH REQUIRED!!!

    no idea if it will even work after this.
  • is it me or is EME just ignoring this thread now
  • I already closed the launcher and reopened over 10 times.
  • or can we get an offline patch for those of us who can't seem to update.. so we can update it to the latest version manually
  • still cant update, stuck at less then a minute
  • edited May 2016
    Alliance pvp schedule is completely turned of. Ever since patch hit there hasn't been a single PVP session in alliance territories. At least on Tempest Reach server.
  • ~sighs~ i already unistalled and going to reinstall even though i did this a couple days ago. Thank you eme for keeping on top of this *sarcasm*
  • too bad if you wanted to do the Ninja achievement thing
  • nah i just wanted to play but the only thing that fixed this in the past was a reinstall im wondering if its because its through steam but i have to play it through steam if im going to use my steam controller
  • too bad if you wanted to do the Ninja achievement thing

    they are extending the ninja achievement by an unknown amount of time... so it should be ok
  • Wow, this is a real mess, after getting the Error: 011336b1 multiple times, following this http://support.enmasse.com/tera/error-011336b1-game-execution-failure and restarting my computer, I opened the launcher and a dowloading bar pops up at 0% and 2days download left. No hopes for ticket, a five day waiting period does not sound good.
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