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[TR] Looking for PvE guild

edited October 2016 in Guild Recruitment
I'm a priest main that just came back to the game after taking a break for about 4 months; my guild and a lot of friends have since quit. Currently getting used to gameplay again, but I'm looking to start playing more often. I'm not going to hardcore it up like I used to since my schedule is pretty busy right now (might not be on every day), but I do have a lot of interest in progression. I was gone during the MM release, so I haven't done that, and I didn't clear SSHM before I left, but I'm experienced in all other dungeons. Currently in Starfall, and not going to upgrade until the VM8 patch.

I'm shy at first, but really sarcastic once I'm comfortable around people, so a guild with a sense of humor is a must. I'm fine with voice chat and use it often. I'm not looking for a very hardcore guild, as I prefer a more casual atmosphere, but I do want something that has at least some people interested in difficult content (yet still have fun while doing it!). I'm in EST and can't stay up real late on nights before work, so a guild with a good amount of EST players would be preferable.

If you think your guild might be a good fit, you can PM me here on the forums or in-game on Catorii. c:

Edit: Found one, thanks for the responses!


  • MegwaMegwa ✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Hey, I'm returning kinda sort too. I'm EST as well so it should be easy. Even if we don't join the same guild, maybe we can play and try to help each other out :)

    I promise, I don't lag. If I die, it's tactical connectivity issues!
  • Messaged you, not sure if you've found one yet but yeah. Megwa if you're still looking, feel free to PM me on forums. :)
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