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An Open Letter to the En Masse Staff



  • Tbh I probably did miss something since I'm falling asleep while reading through this. I may have you confused with someone else who was posting. I'm gonna head to bed for now since posting from my cell is annoying when I'm unable to quote people.
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    StarSprite wrote: »
    Tbh I probably did miss something since I'm falling asleep while reading through this. I may have you confused with someone else who was posting. I'm gonna head to bed for now since posting from my cell is annoying when I'm unable to quote people.

    Hey @StarSprite next time try using the "request desktop site" option. Site shows up the same but I'm able to quote people it's the weirdest thing lol. I used it to quote you just now.
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    That is because of this:
    Terms of Service;
    No. 1 - Ownership and Grant of Use.
    "TERA is En Masse's sandbox; we're just letting you play in it. You don't technically "own" TERA, or any part of it, including the stuff you create (like your characters); we own all of that."
    thus in mmo players shouldnt have ranks or watever coz of this mentioned tos lines we are all nothing and equal no matter how much usd you brought or you are just peasant with hole in pocket anyway they get money even when you just log in to their servers thus you are supporting their product

    It's not a rank. We're volunteers who provide our time to try and make the game better for everyone.
  • The player council for the most part does the best they can. And yes my comment about kamizuma was a joke, i dont see how it could be taken any other way. Then again everyone seems on edge. My entire issue was with @spacecats statement about how anyone who didn't apply to be on the player council's voice doesnt have the same value which i think is asinine.
  • Tera forums both more active and more fun than the game right now.
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    Yes, I know there was a list when it was announced a few months back. But I'd have to actively search for it and, according to you, it's not even up to date. Badges are optional and the only way to locate a member of said council would be by reading through random forum topics, hoping to see an avatar with a badge. Once found, you still don't know who that is. It could be just the right person to get on board with an issue. Or it could be someone who's too busy playing another game and has no idea what's going on in Tera. Tell me again how this letter should've been brought to the player council.

    I understand, which is why I said there should be a list pinned somewhere that is updated with additional information, and agreed that some are inactive (which means something should be done about it...). Although, I can't do much about it beyond encourage people to just message me if they have any concerns or feedback and don't want to post it on forums (which some have). Other members may be playing other games, although I mostly play Tera, and any other game I have played it was strictly to try it and I never stuck to it. I can't control what the others do with their time, just what I do with mine.
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    Are you kidding guys??! I love sitting at the computer at 5 in the morning for this! https://puu.sh/rv5Qe.webm

    This pretty much sums up the patch. LOL
  • Cause rally was gone by the time he saw it pop up. Welcome to MT.
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    Toelot wrote: »
    Are you kidding guys??! I love sitting at the computer at 5 in the morning for this! https://puu.sh/rv5Qe.webm

    lol how the [filtered] it chose FI quest but not rally quest? xD

    Someone else in the guild took FI
  • rally quest is dumb
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    Well done and well said you can add my name to the list. Starrysky

    Going to add two big things as i have not have time to read every single page in here Please be understanding that it may already have been said.

    First is the amount of gold that keeps coming into the economy while mat prices are down it is that much harder for newer and people even some older people to earn gold for farming. Try to imagine that people make only 1/2-1/4 of what they used to on Feedstock Master Work Alkahests and Spellbinds. Also to add insult to injury the gold that comes from putting items in market (if you do not have elite) gets funneled back into the rich players from winning the civil unrest event. Instead of staying gone.

    Now with that low income they look at the market at things like gear that still sells for a whopping 600-800k and get a feeling a long the lines of "I will never be able to afford that" This problem will only get worse and there is only one way to fix it we need a gold sync in the game How you implement it isn't as important as if it works or not whether or not people like it will out do the negative feelings from majority of the economy constantly feeling poor.

    Second Guild quests and leveling are a good idea. However there is a huge flaw here the amount you need to gather for the gathering guild quest is Largely more than is used each day prices are trickling down and will keep slowly falling till they reach rock bottom like Spellbinds Feedstock and Masterwork Alkahests.

    While some believe they are balancing out the truth is this. There is more product of crafting materials going into the tradebroker than is being used and as the weeks end that will continue to bring the prices down further and further. On top of this other mats like nodes from Battle grounds and tradable materials from dungeons a bit to high as well.

    To fix this you need to lower the amount needed to gather substantially and reduce the contribution Also you need to reduce the amount of number of completions for the small medium and large Guild Quests leaving the contribution the same.
  • ^
    what you mean well done since I was bored as [filtered] read that clap trap.

    TL;DR version:

    -Tera has no content
    -your recent events sucked (heres your rock captain obvious)
    -why u break economy EME
    -fake signatures prob fake upvotes too like they used to do on old forums
    -lets make Civil Unrest be considerate of EU players on a NA server (really you [filtered] serious lol?)
    -BG sucks when Kuma most popular
    -ppl why you abuse Rally?

    The end

    Like to say what mentioned above is really a new problem?

    Answer: None same [filtered] different skin. Today its known as mongos. Back in the day it was no life LOT farm tipple drop events where people literally got half inventory full of MES scrolls and pages of MWAs in Bank. Today its rally quest. Back then it was monopolizing Alliance yeah every server, huge guilds, did it so please. Back then well no.....no new dungeons in about 5-6months so yep that stayed the same too. Back then regardless of event non elite broke casual. Today, non elite still broke casual.

    You see it every drought in Tera when there is a lack of content. 6 months goes by with nothing in between people [filtered] moan complain.
    New dungeons drop they kiss [filtered] and say, "GJ EME take my money!" Was like this prior and during WH patch 2014 Tera

    Nothing new people just being angsty and as usual EME will just ride it out like always.....I bet they are laughing at how many times they see this play out.

    Player council though TROLOL that's new what moronic elitist crap is this? We do not know financials, but it's pretty well known now that casuals are the ones footing the bill for a lot of mmos these days. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the case for Tera as well and it would certainly explain the change in direction since 2013. For all we know, many things pointed here could be a minority opinion and in fatc majority of population do not care. Was mentioned numerous times before on old forums, Tera forumn community is but an insignificant blimp compared to the entire in game community. Most don't even look at forums and consider it to be a toxic cesspool full of Elitist who think they know it all. EME shouldn't be taking ANY advice from forum seriously considering they know what type of deceptive community they are dealing with. Past repeats itself anyone "cough" CS. Too many changes made to the game simply because a few people barking too loud only to [filtered] up the game even more. For example, Mongos, Argons, and this hoopla over dragons. Guarantee the avg. casual doesn't give 2 shits about it and prob. is not playing Tera competitively (waste of time if you are). All they care about is how much they cost on broker, RNG loot box, and when free version coming out cuz they look cool.

    Make changes if you want, but hopefully you do see through all this noise and recognize that many opinions posted on forums is often the minority. I assume Mongos was in response to the feedstock shortage. Think you needed to investigate that issue more and realize that majority of active player base are in fact at endgame already with +12 or +15 gear. Should've realized instantly that popular why now feedstock EME thread was 100% click bait trash and only used to rouse concerns that did not exist. Feedstock was increasing in price simply because less people are playing your game and as a result smaller supply which indirectly made value increase. When I recently returned to game, 2 weeks after 65, casually playing +12 my Dreadnaught. Approximately, 1 week later and prior that Mongo event +12 full slaughter. How I got my feedstock? By casually playing the game. Also, realize Tera forums laughably has a herd mentality. Get a popular streamer to post some random crap that could be wrong. Guarantee you'll get a gazillion kiss [filtered] preaching how right he is. Case in point the numerous Tera uck vids with iunoo 20,000 views. Then 2-3 months later the same person will say Tera awesome gunna lvl up again boom same followers who upvotes Tera sucks vid post, "yeah man Tera gotten better" Give me a break.
  • I'll speak but only on the concept of battlegrounds.

    Fraywind may be more alive than I've ever seen it but that doesn't mean it's fun. It's hardly fun if the PvE guilds are going in without any sort of PvP knowledge beforehand. Which seriously just annoys the PvPers because 60% of the time a PvEr expects a carry (my opinion sue me for it).

    CS - It's pretty simple how you solve the problem here. Return it to being 30-65 and re scale it to cope with the Ninja/Gunner/Reaper Dmg output. Restore the 5 man premade capability. Agreed that premades can be a ballbuster to some extent but I'd rather deal with the old struggle than this new one.

    3's : Sadly the saltiness of those who are "pro" is a bit of a buzzkill for newbies. I admit I suck at 3's but doesn't mean I've never won a game or two. 3's is in the hands of the community here more so than Eme. But Agreed put it into the Guild quests.

    As for Kumas royale. I come back to my points about CS. You killed CS when you released Kumas and why? Kumas gives more rewards and can be started at level 20. That gives you a bigger pool of people and incentive to queue up with. Put CS and Kumas in an even spot and you have something of a fix.
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