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How far are you with your ninja?



  • lvl 65 in less than 9hours,full starfall and my weap got +15 with only 4 try(yes 4 try,i'm not joking xD)
    And i dont have the deal with the feedstock problem since i have nothing to enchant now (except the verno set of my priest)
  • I just got level 50 because I needed to do other things like: eat, take a shower, sleep

    And I did the new dungeons with my main char soooo I can't complain :p
  • 65 in a total of 8 hours. +15'd wep and then just 12 the rest of her full vm6
  • 63 and servers are down D:
  • Got to lvl 65 in 9-10 hours by running dungeons with 300-700 ping.... Which is why I dont like the idea of them extending the time for the achievements atleast by many hours. I managed to soldier through it even with all the lag and problems, so should have other people.
  • Didn't play much, i'am around 38 ! Wanted to play with my bf, so I wasted time to wait for him.... But he stopped after just a hour and a half of playing ! Being soloing since, but still having a lot of fun !
  • Level 0, i wonder why :D
  • Not had any internet for months so I'm really rusty with playing Tera. Got to level 36 I think in about four hours just soloing bams and the odd world boss. After that four hours though I was exhausted because I'd leveled a Brawler and finished a partially leveled Zerk the day before (and I'd lost my weapon for my Zerk somehow, so that was really tough until I got another avatar weapon.)

    I'm going to take my time with my ninja because I'm already 2 gear sets behind most end game folks - I'll give her another four hours to see if I can get her a title, but I'm just not that good or prepared enough. Grats to those who managed to get to 65 though.
  • I played about 12 hours. Got her to Full Starfall, crappy belt, ran out of spellbind so my chest has 3/5 rolls and my weapon is stuck on +14.
  • I hit level 25 with her before logging off at 11:30 PM EST.
  • I got to about 36 in a couple of hours :awesome: Really wondering how some people manage to get to 65 in no time at all, really.
  • RhodriiRhodrii ✭✭
    Got to 65 last night, so took about 10 hours to level 1-65. Made SF glove and weapon, enchanted them to +12, added etches, put on dyads. Now working on getting slaughter boots. Will soon start grinding KS points for SF belt.

    Also trying not to be a salty taffy about the feedstock issue.
  • I got to level 21.
  • PantsuPantsu ✭✭
    Level 65, full 15 Starfall in roughly 11 hours time
  • ChitoseChitose ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Made it to 65 in less than 13 hours while dealing with high latency and junk pretty much the entire ride. It's still my fastest cap so far and I did it even while being sick (haven't been sick for years, and just happened to get sick on that particular day ffs).
    Had this happened with ideal conditions it could've been doable in 7-8 hours. All loading screens took like ten times as long to load and having to load them multiple times in every death because of laggy instances just made it even worse.
    Still don't even know what half my skills do lmao since I was rushing. I'll actually take my time now and go over every skill carefully when tera stops derping since there's not a 24-hour time limit anymore (which became pointless because of the extension).
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