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    Vanguard's show Reward Points as a reward although I actually don't get any for doing them.
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    I don't know if this has been posted yet but CS is back to 2 person queue. It was done before and people complained so why put it back in if it was intentional.

    Also the channel reduction was badly planned. Considering literally 100s of Ninjas leveled up yesterday, at least on MT, I dunno about other servers. Kinda sad that HW area went back to being 3 channels especially since on MT it's a lag fest in CH. 1. It was also mentioned several times that instance reset scrolls don't work which is a major problem for those who PvE. Q.Q
  • Yeah reward points are not working
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    Does Reward point work for you? from Bam quest. seeing not working for me.


    Reward points Don't work from bam quests

    I just did a DFNM today and it also didn't reward me.
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    So this is pretty major for me, and I know I'm a minority here. I play with a controller, and I can no longer change my "chain action skills" hotkey. If I don't set it to a main button like A, B, X, or Y, it defaults to X button. Which is super annoying, because now I basically HAVE to chain skills even if I don't want to, because I wanted to combo attack or use a different skill. This is account-wide so far. I used to have it set so that clicking in the joystick on the right would chain skills, so I could choose to chain or not. But now it's really annoying to chain when I want to, and even more annoying when I don't. PLEASE fix this as soon as possible, it's so irritating.

    Also, another side effect from this is that whatever button you input to be your chain skill button, if you DON'T chain that skill and the enemy dies, it will just randomly activate that button indefinitely until you press it to end it. So if it's set to the jump button, if you do not chain your skill and combat ends, you'll just start jumping until you press the button to jump. Combo attack button, you start spamming combos, etc. And it won't let you cast any other skills or movements until you press whatever button is stuck. It's really messed up.

    THIS PLZ FIX (posted already as well)

    Yeah I know see me and bf play this game and it's one of our favorite games to play cause he can play with controller and I can play with keyboard and mouse. He gets SO FRUSTRATED when he dies cause he can't move out of something cause he was auto attacking infinitely.

    I have supporters in my struggle ;o; But yeah, this one is really big for me. So far the rest of the patch has been good to me. Very glad to hear some others with this issue, that's a better chance of a fix.
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    Reward Points don't work from any source. @Spacecats @Treeshark
  • Instance Reset Scrolls, both tradable and elite, doesn't reset dungeons/raids 5-man, 7-man, and 10-man.
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    Another issue is people being forced to use the Neophite/paid Resurrection. Multiple people have said they can't decline it today.
    There also is possibly an issue with commanding thralls randomly.

    For a cosmetic issue, Ninjas rolling/dash/etc cause things like Blue Halo (not sure about any other head cosmetic) to disappear.
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    I noticed today that the Neophyte resurrection popped up and when I clicked on it i got booted from the instance. Was trying Abscess for the 1st time.
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    Is this intended ? We can't dismantle Dreadnaught for Feedstock... This is stupid... In Korea I can understand but here ? Hell No ! Revert them back to normal so we can get feedstock from dungeons and from Dreadnaught gear
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    can't get awakened enchanting thingie to work. its been hours. wtb fix at least free +15 take my gold?


    still waiting..
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    Seems to be an issue with the Achievement Laurel, I keep earning Champion Laurel and then when I log off I am put back to Diamond with 0 points remaining. I also did not receive a global announcement when I earned the laurel. @CobaltDragon

    Still not fixed for me, I have tried relogging my launcher and earning extra achievements to get the laurel to announce, still busted. Sometimes on my screen I see myself with the champion laurel, but people in my party told me that I am diamond on their screen. I am running out of achievements to earn here, and I would like the recognition from the global announcement for earning my Laurel. I would also like if it wouldn't disappear every time I logged out. @Spacecats told me this issue was fixed already, but hopefully someone can look into it.
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    Is this intended ? We can't dismantle Dreadnaught for Feedstock... This is stupid... In Korea I can understand but here ? Hell No ! Revert them back to normal so we can get feedstock from dungeons and from Dreadnaught gear

    This one seems intentional. When you run out of feedstock, the way to enchant DN gear would be by using IoD tokens to buy copies of DN gear and doing fod runs on channelworks and KC. The part about gear on gear enchant not giving any advantages when failing, and the whole process feels as if we are going back to old Tera days. Though back then you could use more kinds of gear. So possibilities to enchant are there, but the overall process is now much slower so I also ask and hope for a solution because we are not talking about BiS gear here.

    I'm also joining in the reporting about Fashion coupons as well. None from bams. None from mailed IMS success boxes.
  • All these people worried about Fashion Coupons like there is actually something worthwhile to spend them on.
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    Vanguard dailys are not giving reward points, not sure if they did without the double bonus either but doing the dungeon, pvp and general quests dont progress the bar. I don't seem to have gained any at all since the patch.
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