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Known Issues: Hero's Oath

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Hi! This is a mega thread to host a list of bugs surrounding the Fang and Feather update. For every major TERA update, a new mega thread will be created and the old one will be unstickied. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a reference for both TERA players and for the En Masse QA team, linking to specific reports from players when possible. It will help keep track of the most current bugs. Older, outstanding Known Issues may drop from the list over time in an effort to keep things tidy. Issues like those will remain archived in past mega threads as well as our internal triage database. QA never forgets a bug!

Only En Masse staff and Player Council members can edit this post. If you want to pitch in, please create a new discussion to report any bugs you've discovered. Check out THIS POST for tips on creating excellent, beautiful bug reports.


Known issues surrounding the Hero's Oath update:

Known issues surrounding the Honorbound update:

Sword and Hoard
Known issues surrounding the Sword and Hoard update:
  • Additional items not showing in the Dragon Scale shop - Fixed 1/31/2017
  • Guild list last log in time is labaled as "Last Location" and still sorts based on location -Partially fixed in Honorbound, sorts by login time
  • Vergos flashes when your attack crits. - Fixed
  • Rally quest does not spawn at a random time. - Fixed
  • The rally quest tracker shows the wrong location for the bam.
  • Everful Nostrum has a typo. "Increases Crit Power by +1.42 times when attacking [Tanks, Healers]." DPS should replace Healers.
  • Electronic Eye and Duck Bill are not displaying correctly and go to the wrong costume slot.
  • Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Arx Umbra are now PvP safe zones on MT
  • Server Transfers are not working. - Fixed
  • Dungeon entry count not resetting at reset time (4am) - Fixed
  • Instant and Elite Reset scrolls are not resetting instances like SS, GG, and Ace dungeons. - Fixed
  • Not getting credit for participating in Rally for Guild Quest

Fang and Feather
Known issues surrounding the Fang and Feather update:
  • Archer: Focus stacking does not work consistently or as the tooltip describes
  • "Will Suit of The Exalted" Fashion Coupon Outfit is listed as dyeable, but is not actually dyeable.
  • Ambush gear boxes cannot be searched on the Trade Broker - Fixed
  • Tier 4 Etching can be traded via parcel. FIXED - 12/6/16
  • Gunner basic attacks are loud.
  • Sky texture does not appear correctly in Cultists' Refuge
  • Having the poison from CU:V in your bag prevents you from server transferring.
  • Guild message says 200 max length but only allows 120 characters - Fixed
  • The brooch from the 30 man raid is currently tradeable - Fixed 1/3/2017 patch
  • If a guild member is flagged as outlaw a healer in the same guild can not use lock ons to heal them.
  • Typo in DFNM. "Odon reversd the flow! Escape to the safety zone!"
  • Can't scale the Raid UI - Fixed 1/10/2017 patch
  • Gathering Sun Essence is giving essence of the wind.
  • On MT Northern Arun/Val Oriyn has open world pvp turned off. - Fixed 1/31/2017
  • When queueing for both a BG and dungeon you are not removed from the BG queue if you enter a dungeon.
  • Under the Achievement Towering Rage the achievements listed have swapped names. Siege Tower is showing as completed for Who Hesitates Is Lost for example.
  • Under Achievements Other Rewards is showing Titles when it should just show rewards - Fixed 1/31/2017 patch
  • The server Fey Forest is missing Fashion Coupons from the Novelty Merchant. - Fixed 1/12/2017
  • Enchantment Boon Box should be updated to give tier 9 and 10 materials - Fixed
  • The achievements Instance Success and Instance Gratification are not working - Fixed

Known issues surrounding the Spellbound update:
  • Achievement laurels changed in rank.
  • Players not getting laurel rewards.
  • Federation Bill trader displaying incorrect items. - FIXED 10/27/16
  • Novelty Merchant NPC contents mostly missing.
  • Lady's Handkerchief and Lilith's Treasure Chest can't be linked in chat. FIXED
  • Eau D'Fascination may need a name change based on French grammar. - Partly fixed 11/01/16 - cannot be searched on broker with full new name
  • Talisman Trio is still appearing on Elite bar, while Velik's Opportunity is not appearing. - FIXED 10/26/16
  • Instance reset scrolls do not work at all - FIXED 11/08/16
  • Instance reset scrolls do not work in new dungeons - 11/03/16 BHS says this was intentional, but some other way to be introduced 11/08/06
  • Buddy Up grants no-longer-usable consumable items
  • Some people see a "VIP Benefits Expired" notification when participating in dungeons/battlegrounds. - FIXED
  • Awakening enchanting does not work on new Ambush gear - FIXED 10/26/16
  • Bonanza box missing from Killing Spree merchant - FIXED 11/02/16
  • Smart Dyad Structures missing from Killing Spree merchant - FIXED 11/03/16
  • Some cash shop items are no longer tradeable - FIXED 11/08/16
  • Crafted dyes can still only be crafted near campfires - Fixed
  • Nightmare Lachelith will not reset for certain parties.
  • Elite Everful Nostrum causes game to temporarily freeze when used while having cool down notices activated.
  • Welcome message still showing information about alliance and dungeons no longer available.
  • Friendly Instance Reset scrolls reset dungeons no longer available in game.
  • Holy Potion of Protection (From Golden Labrinth) and Dark Matter (Ebon Tower) still dropping even though they're no longer usable.
  • Quest "Ukenul's Gifts" rewards practicum glyph boxes which drop badges you can no longer redeem.
  • NPCs on IoD are missing dialog.
  • Dragon mount typo "with a with a" in item tooltip. FIXED in Fang & Feather

Guilded Age
Known Issues surrounding the Guilded Age update:
  • Dragon Master passive skill reading incorrectly - FIXED 10/4/16 - "A factor of 1.5" is misleading. The skill increases base crit power by 50%. Currently all characters have base crit of 2, so this basically adds 1.
  • Celestial Spirit weapon skin box tooltip needs to add Ninja to list of classes without weapon skin - FIXED 10/4/16
  • Brawler Roundhouse Kick and Rampage cause player knock up in Civil Unrest: Velika
  • Mystic buffs 'Aura of the Swift' and 'Aura of the Merciless' are removed when Mystics mount dragons with the 'Dragon's Reach' ground movement speed increase effect - Fixed 1/31/2017 patch
  • Players are unable to edit guild titles - Fixed (Title system removed)
  • Cathodyne and Prismatronic weapon skin effect appears abnormal on Reapers. - Fixed
  • Passives are not procing for some players. (Draconis Rex, Blacksmith Hammerstrike, Last Mercy, Hurricane) - Fixed
  • Celestial Arena only has 2 entries for elite. Should be 4. - Fixed
  • Rally Quest is no longer random and happens only on reset. - Fixed
  • Guild Member List can show double-entries in certain circumstances.
  • Sky texture is missing in Cultist's Refuge dungeon


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