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Ruinous Manor bosses are underwhelming.

Anyone else feel that way? It's just... two older bosses and bam's at the start except randomly some of their moves aren't blockable. That's about it.

Lilith's Keep had new bosses and certainly was interesting and much more fun, where RM... I would say is the most dissapointing thing this patch.


  • natianatia ✭✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Except Lilith's first two bosses aren't that new either. Firery horse boss reminds me of the low level centaur mobs near lumbertown. The second boss is also a reskin of an ovolith. :(

    But i think RM's more fun. Lilith, oh man.... A+ for voice acting..... /s
  • edited October 2016
    First boss in Lilith's Keep is a reskinned unicorn mob, around the pond north of Fey Forest.
  • most dissapointing thing in this patch is very much certainly not that tho.
  • I would say the 1st 2 bosses in rmnm/rmhm are not as bad to deal with from a tanking view; was able to pick it up real fast when I tried my 1st time. The 1st boss just have to watch out when to stay or not depending on the color debuff. The last boss is more challenging, mostly due to the timing of iframe and stuff. I think it will take quite a few tries to get the hang of it and feel like you need a skilled group for that boss. I found lilith castle easier on my 2nd try. Schm is still easy since I was able to clear that back in the days. And vok is super nerfed (very slow fight), not worth running.
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