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Wonderholme all over again

So Enmasse this patch is wonderholme/VM all over again. The models for the guile gear is 100% the same as wonderholme gear, why, you were doing so great with new models. The Ambush gear is quite similar to the original VM1 too. Why reuse old models plus I don't know if I'm the only one but the wonderholme model wasn't that good (of course you can buy costumes but how about those people who don't want to). That's my short rant.


  • Haven't they been reusing old armor models for a good long time now? Basically it was all in an effort to promote the use of costumes and fashion coupon outfits.
  • Considering the number of people using costumes and weapon skins, I doubt many will even notice.
  • This is a non-issue.
  • Wonderholme was actually the last new model, after that it was always reused old skins, until imperator weapon.
  • you expected bhs to actually be creative and use newly made stuff instead of recycle? you must be new, last really new content we had is alliance. rest is just rehashed stuff.
  • we still dont have the wh model in the coupon store its the only one mising hope they add it
  • Everything is done quick, without thinking to add new(old) things, change this and that no matter if it is good for the game or not so that they could maybe get game players money. MCHM was about team play, this new dungeons are only about fast reaction and having less ms ping is better.
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    I don't care if Guile doesn't look cool but a new visonmaker set definitely should have some new models. Best in slot gear should look cool.
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    I bet this is the reason why high-end enchantments have a unique glow. They probably reasoned that giving the weapons/armor fancy looks actually discourages people from buying cash shop costumes/skins, because it would be better to show-off the equipment you got in-game than to wear a costume/skin. So instead, they made it so that +15 weapons have a special glow so that, no matter what weapon skin you're using, it has that "show-off" feel. (The only problem is that they don't upgrade the glow effect for each new round of weapons.)

    Assuming that's the logic, I suppose they'll never introduce new in-game looks for weapons again (at least not tied to specific gear), except when they introduce new classes (so need new designs).
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