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Reaper or Ninja?

Hey guys i know this question asked alot but i had to i realy want to move to MT to play pvp.
But i dont know which class to pick reaper or ninja this 2 are my fave classes but who got better dps / stronger
ty all


  • Ninja has better dps
    Reaper has better surv and utility
  • For pvp reaper is way better
  • edited October 2016
    It indeed is. Whilst ninja deals tons of damage, they are easy to deal with when you learn their combo windows. They lack of any good surv skill and their defense is paper.

    Pros of ninja in pvp:
    >Brutal damage

    Cons of ninja in pvp:
    >Lack of defense, it's not even low, it's close to none
    >Lack of reliable stun
    >Lack of good surv utility
    >Some animation locks (but can be cancelled)

    Pros of reaper in pvp:
    >Heavy damage
    >Reliable stuns
    >Mid range
    >Self heal
    >Self ress

    Cons of reaper in pvp:
    >Low defense
    >Some minor animation locks (but can be cancelled)
  • Try both. Stay with the one you like better
  • DelusoDeluso ✭✭✭✭
    Try both. Stay with the one you like better

    Best answer,
    Congratulation, you've won the internet, or Tera.
  • Hate to tell you PvP is currently pretty dead on all servers.
  • Hate to tell you PvP is currently pretty dead on all servers.

    what this guy said. dont expect to find pvp in this game anymore.
  • pvp reaper > ninja.

    but, reaper is boring to me.

    pvp Is nearly dead.
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