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A Problem with RM



  • I just hate it when i lose vow/grace everytimes i teleport from boss 2 to boss 3 in RM
  • First of all, the mechanic will begin with your screen shaking. That's when you have to pay attention to her movement
    Turn head left and look backwards: In -> out
    Twist whole body to the right: out -> in

    There is ton of time to react to the mechanic, enough to basically just walk the mechanic if you're in the right position.
  • the only thing that bothers me as a priest on RMHM is the stupid stagger mechanic... I'm still not sure if my ping makes it harder, or if i just need more train..
  • OP = Original Poster, not Over Powered in this case. Btw.
  • Her roar and screen shaking is your sign to prepare and position correctly, this moment is actually important, this dungeon is all about correct positioning and you are not preparing for that, one she screams you keep running around instead of position at the edge of circle/donut, one you are positioned, you watch out her movements depending on what's your current position(behind, front, or boss side) as a healer you need to consider every spot.

    -If you are in front of her, you must watch out her head -if she moves it to her right side you need to go out and in then if she moves to her left side you have to go in and out.

    -if you are at her right side, you can watch her entire side, if she twisted it towards you, go out then in, if her body barely moves you go in then out.

    -if you are at her left side, then you have to watch her head, if she looks at you then go in then out, if not go out and in.

    -In case you are behind her, what i do if i am too far is look at her right foot, if she moves it, it means you out then in if it does not move from its position then you go in then out.

    I think your main mistake is not reading the main positioning sign ( scream and screen shake), if you follow this order: screen shakes then you position yourself in a good spot then watch her movement pattern hence react depending of that.
  • kyoukayakyoukaya ✭✭
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    You need to memorize how she starts shaking her wings when she roars at 1:04 and be able to recognize it instantly. You put yourself at a bad position to see her lean her head to the right, but you are in a perfect spot to see that she is clearly not leaning to the left. That tells you the pattern that's coming since there are only two possibilities. She starts at 1:04 and you die at 1:09. The average human reaction time is a fraction of a second, 5 seconds to see and respond to an attack is plenty for a hard mode. Healers are clearing this just fine.
  • Great news... I found the magical trick I've always been hoping for this dungeon.. Everyone says there's no magical trick. There is it's called following others. . The reason why I couldn't find it before. As I was practising swipes by myself. Problem solved. Thank the Lord
  • ObsObs ✭✭✭
    VGPlayer wrote: »
    Great news... I found the magical trick I've always been hoping for this dungeon.. Everyone says there's no magical trick. There is it's called following others. . The reason why I couldn't find it before. As I was practising swipes by myself. Problem solved. Thank the Lord

    If you're just following others and not seeing the animations yourself, I don't know what to tell you when you need to res people and they're not there for you to follow.
  • I haven't cleared HM yet (haven't even been in there), but I could recognize that tell easily by my second run. Of course it's going to be harder to see if you're just kiting the boss in circles (though I still have no problem recognizing it even in your video), but she does a huge scream and full-body shake right before she turns...it's a giant red flag to watch which way she twists.

    It's a good idea to memorize the patterns beforehand - if you see which way she's turning but don't remember where the safe spot is, it's not going to help you much. But her turning is really, really easy to see, both as DPS and as a healer. I just think of left = safe, and right = get out. Pretty simple once you get that down.

    When she screams and shakes, stop what you're doing and watch her. Don't cast anything, don't run around, just watch.
  • In and out shaking is eziest pattern in rmhm
  • How do you spend 25 hours on this and not figure it out lol.
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    I can easily tell you the problem (at least in the video you posted). Your movement is what's causing your confusion. The moment you see her scream and the screen shakes, you need to not be running around in a circle at varying distances from the boss. Stop dpsing immediately and instantly move 6m away from her and stop. (Keep in mind, the more you get used to it, the faster you should be able to get to 6m before she even turns her head. I see her scream/shake and I immediately know that I need to move to 6m).

    While I'm moving to 6m is when I pay attention to which direction she's turning. If she looks to her left, stay standing at 6m. If she looks and turns her whole body to the right, run to 11m. As I said to myself at first "She looks left? Get in her butt. She looks right? Pull out." Honestly, that tip pretty much doesn't help at all, but I kept saying that in my head until I learned the pattern and now I don't have to think anything, it's automatic.

    Since you're dps, you should be no where but behind the boss. In that video, you were on the side. I can say from experience that, even though it's automatic for me to move in or out when its required, if I stand and face her at an odd angle while she's about to swirl, I get confused because I'm not used to watching her moving from that angle.

    Don't run around so frantically when she screams/shakes. Just move to 6m and stop. Depending on how close you were to the boss and how slow you are, you may can just continue running all the way to 11m if, while you're running, you notice her turning right getting ready to inner swipe. Keep in mind that when she looks left, all she moves is her head. When she looks right, she moves her body to position. Find what works for you, because people say look at the wings, but to me, that requires me to move my eyes upward and that will distract me. Looking at her head is as simple as looking straight ahead without moving the camera so I won't get disoriented.

    Edit* Just realized you were a Priest. For some reason I thought you were a Sorceror. Well I heal the dungeon primarily, which in fact causes me to face her at odd angles like I mentioned on more times than not. But I've also tanked and dps'd it, so I now have a universal understanding of her movements from most angles (front / back / side; diagonal still causes me to get confused every now and then).

    There aren't many times where you'll actually be facing her from diagonal though, because if you're at front diagonal, the front fan swipe will hit you, and if you're at the back diagonal, there's a chance you can get hit by the tail. It's best to stand at her side, in front of her thigh (the back half of her body, as being in the front half will make you vulnerable to the fan swipe as well).If it helps, run behind her when you see the screen rumble and hear the scream to get a better understanding of which way she's turning her head.
  • at 1:07 you can tell, even at 1:08 you still had time to backstep/fiery escape out. just need more practice
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    Like I said. Left and Right may be easy for you "I'm directional handy caped?" meaning takes me time to know from left to right. In driving its fine if you think about it for 2-3 secs but if you need to know it in a instant.. That's my main problem basically like being color blind for the first boss Its not fun... Not color blind were you don't see colors but color blind were green = red and red = red and blue is a shade or red its not fun x.x Here is a picture to what I mean. http://www.colour-blindness.com/CBTests/ishihara/Plate4.gif

    Takes me awile to see the differents because it blends in so well. I can see the 5 but its not clear as day either x.x to put it in comparesin its like a black and white photo where its really hard to see the 5.


    Here is something I made to show you example. takes you awhile to see the 5 but you see it.
  • Its not like I haven't been trying learn the dungeon I nearly spent last week now doing the dungeon the "Watching others trick allowed me to get to 16%" but we wiped because everyone died and I was last one on swipe q.q x.x
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