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Earring Roles: RMHM: Last Boss: Endurance vs Decrease Poison Damage

I found myself rolling my earrings for 4% HP and Decrease Poison Damage by 15% as a way of trying to survive the last boss of RMHMs bleed. I was interested in knowing if:
-It counts as poison
-Which is better, endurance or decrease poison damage.

In regards to which is easier to get, I got both my earrings rolled with HP% and Decrease poison damage in under 20 SES, Where as normally for 4 endurance and 4% HP, it's taken me hundreds of SES, but disregard how "Easy" it is to role it, and compare both to simply 4Endurance vs 15% decrease poison damage.

If the last boss' damage doesn't count as a poison then this can basically be disregarded lolz.


  • I dont think that counts as a "poison", since its called "bleeding" (i think)... And even if it counts, I wouldnt "waste" a roll for just one mech...
  • With practice and positioning you should be able to find yourself near the healer and/or a set supply of motes after the push. I have 6% hp rolls on both earrings on my ninja instead, which puts me at above 160k with relentless blues without the neophyte hp bonus. I think that's useful in that you can more reliably take a soul sphere without kaias as long as your hp is topped off. Unless you're a tank endurance serves barely any purpose in RMHM (apart from maybe lessening a tiny bit of damage from tail spin, which gives you bleed too anyway) so I think stacking hp rolls on your earring in lieu of endurance might be a better idea, at least until you're above 160k~
  • kyoukayakyoukaya ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    For anything else it's a bad roll but for DPS at Rachelith specifically, the poison line will offer more utility than endurance assuming it affects the bleed which I can't confirm. SES are expensive so you shouldn't feel pressured to reroll earrings, but if you have money to burn I'd personally prefer 4 endurance for general purposes in other fights. Taking the additional 2% hp line as was suggested is also good advice if you're primarily worried about Rachelith and you're struggling to break 160k HP.
  • double HP on an earring is best as a heal/dps on this boss.
  • ObsObs ✭✭✭
    The bleed is flat damage (30k/s) so it shouldn't change anything.
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    Btw, do we need 8% max hp roll on chest for rakelith hm?
    Should i change the 6% dmg reduction from my guile chest to 8% max hp?
  • Dvsv wrote: »
    Btw, do we need 8% max hp roll on chest for rakelith hm?
    Should i change the 6% dmg reduction from my guile chest to 8% max hp?

    I should adjust what I said above about the importance of endurance in RMHM and say that though it is less important at last boss, the bosses leading up to Lakelith will still do damage that is endurance based. If you're not getting hit much by those bosses then maybe it would be useful for you, but I wouldn't entirely forgo all your endurance, either, as other dungeons still make use of endurance as well. In the end, having over 160k hp isn't entirely necessary at last boss given that people with curse have golden spheres meant for them. It just makes things easier if you'd like to be able to safely grab any sphere during curse.
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