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A Formal Introduction from DonkeyProphet



  • Hello and welcome to the Tera community!

    Pretty disapointed that there are no pictures of pets.
    Spacecats wrote: »
    Welcome Donkey! It's good to have you on the team!

    At the moment, DonkeyProphet sits next to Denommenator, Smoreceror, and me. Like he said in his intro, we've been having a good time so far throwing ideas around and thinking about ways to keep TERA exciting. :)
    PvP Tourneys are exciting ;)
  • Welcome DonkeyProphet C:
    Glad to know there's a staff member trying to understand what the player community hope for by actually playing the game and spending some time with the community itself within the game.

    Cheers \O/
  • So much new prey to play with. :3 Goodluck you and Smorecer, to all the newbies joining. MAWHAHA! ~Moonpelt
  • Moderator edit - Posting "first posts" in threads is against the forum rules. Since you're new around here I'll let you off with a severe warning and 72 hour forum suspension effective immediately. Every piece of chocolate you leave on my desk will reduce your suspension by 2 minutes. -Spacecats
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  • :O Nuuu suspension! It's another word for detention. Thankfully, I'm a good girl so idk what detention is like. ~Moonpelt
  • Moonpelt wrote: »
    :O Nuuu suspension! It's another word for detention. Thankfully, I'm a good girl so idk what detention is like. ~Moonpelt

    I, unfortunately, am no stranger to detention :)
  • :c I heard it's horrible from my friends.
  • In my experience, it was way easier to sleep there than in class.
  • XD Lol but class is suppose to help teach you things.
  • Appreciate the response, good luck and I hope you can make a difference to steer Tera into the right direction for the NA playerbase.
  • Moonpelt wrote: »
    XD Lol but class is suppose to help teach you things.

    For clarification's sake, and all joking aside - Getting a thorough education is extremely important & I am in no way condoning shirking your individual studies in any way. Drink your milk, eat three square meals a day, and always do your homework :)
  • Yep! But sadly, I don't eat 3 meals a day :c I don't know why.
  • Welcome to Tera first off. You've got a possible rough start ahead of you. Since there's quite a few growing pains with Tera at the moment.

    Not sure how much of the forums you have read but right now PvP has stagnated and a lot of people I know have begun to question whether or not it's worth staying just to do the PvE side of the game.

    Anyway hope your time here is as fun and as painless as possible.

    Oh side note. You really wanna see Tera's PvP aspect I suggest MT for it :chuffed:
  • nitrogeniusnitrogenius ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    As a loyal player since May of 2012, I hope to see FWC unequalized again and some better PvP experiences. (We want PvP, not TvT or KvK). Please and thank you! Above all Welcome Donkey Prophet! :)
  • Woooooow finally a human beign that actually played the game. Even better, a real gamer!!
    Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

    Now, fix the server *pats in the back*
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