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Everything right and wrong about this patch



  • dinnersdinners ✭✭✭
    1. Gunner basic auto attack sound is way too loud

    2. Mystic's Boomerang healing is now, harder to aim. Player must adjust the altitude of healing boomerang also. Mystic can shoot the boorerang into ground and wastes heals. Ktera mystic have same problem. But, they just don't know, it can be a bug after Mystic's class balance patch or meant to be changed that way. BHS have never mentioned about this issue or changes in patch note.

    3. Mid level and Higher lvl IOD BAM' HP is little too much. I dislike Talent system(too grindy), but, Ktera have that. EME needs to increase that gold color mote drop rate after Bam dies or reduce boss HP. It's like 1 gold mote out of 7 kills. Do you expect us to kill higher lvl IOD Bam? We are not all Ninja.
  • dinnersdinners ✭✭✭
    FINM drop unwanted Necklace 90% time. Normally, STR boost or Useless Tanker's agro option.
    edited May 2016
    I am very disappointed that these doubled Vanguard Requests are only for a week.

    They need to be permanently like this.

    Truthfully, they can be low as hell if they would actually put reasonable stacks of Gold, Feed, and MWA as drops from the dungeons.

    And I believe your "Wrong" #2, and #3 are BUGS, not intentional.

    I also think Flying Mounts should be added to the "Right" list since they blew my expectations away. They are way better then I expected, and oddly enough, they actually give us a free one.
  • UltemeciaUltemecia ✭✭✭
    dinners wrote: »
    FINM drop unwanted Necklace 90% time. Normally, STR boost or Useless Tanker's agro option.

    There's only two necklaces this patch...crit and power
  • I came back to Tera just for this ninja class.. hit 65 ready to gear for end game PvP but holy crap I came at the wrong time. This feedstock thing is ridiculous. I feel like it will take a year to get all the stock I need :(
  • ph3sph3s ✭✭
    Desusky wrote: »
    Everything EME did right:

    9. Apparently buddy up code gives t7 +12 scroll still, needs to be fixed to t8

    Why t8 ffs? It was done in Ai/TS patch when schisma was high-level gear and VM was Lucid -both are t7.

    It has to be at list t9. t8 gear is drednauth, enchanting is very easy, that scroll should give new players a hope not kid on them
  • kedroskedros ✭✭
    the vanguard credits reverted back to the KTera amount, even though they had adjusted those specifically for NA last patch. now the whole vanguard has been doubled, but I dearly hope at least the credits stay that way when the event ends
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