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A Very Special Thank you from the Bottom of our Hearts



  • Yes, It was Awesome hangin' out with you guys...You guys did a Fantastic job raising the fund goal and then some in less than 25 hours. You guys DESERVE your R&R...and It was a good way to break in the new guys in the crew @Smoreceror and @DonkeyProphet xD being there on the Twitch Stream for Most of the 25 hours, it was like being there with you guys getting to know you all and having fun all for a GREAT cause. Thank You for doing this and for all the goodies you guys gave out and for sticking it out till the end. and @DonkeyProphet You need to cut back on the Caffeine man, seriously, I'm worried about you bruh...

    So Please don't be strangers and pop-in on @Spacecats on the TERA Stream and say HI. We'll miss having all of you guys on the screen at the same time. :D and @Spacecats we'll see you on Friday on the next TREA stream. Love you guys keep doing what you do till next time.
  • Hey everyone!

    I know I'm late to the party (I slept for a VERY long time after this), but I also wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone. It really means the world to me for a number of reasons that we could raise so much for a great cause, and have a blast while doing it. I've been a part of En Masse now for 2 years at this point, and I love this community and company so much. The fact that we raised LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR CHARITY solidifies that tenfold. Thank you to my coworkers, thank you to the community, thank you to Extra Life, and anyone else that I could have missed.

    You are all incredible.

    As an aside, since we DID raise so much money last night, I'm going to go ahead and move forward with the end goal of my donation page and make a character on a personal account to play with all of you <3. It might take me a couple of days, but I'm thinking Fey Forest? :3

    Thanks again everyone!

    P.S. I am very, very sorry to @Smoreceror that you had to eat that entire popcorn ball experiment on my behalf. I will buy you a bag of (differently flavored) jelly beans to make up for it. I saw "draft beer" flavor, how about that?
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    well, now we can literally refer to EME as a perfect Zoo :awesome:

    @BearShoes If you can handle too many nuts come to Nut house Server I mean CH :3

    PS: glad it was successful to collect money for those little angels. Lets hope and do our best to cure cancer for good <3 I lost my friends and someone very very special to me b/c of cancer, this truly was so good, Sobs, TNX all for this.
  • Im still waiting for a new grand total after the last 12 hours of bundles...
  • Hey everybody!

    I don't want to update everyone prematurely & be wrong; so I've gotta wait for the dust to settle a bit. We'll be officially announcing our fundraising total in the next day or two, but let me tell you first off that from the unrefined stuff I am able to see, that you are all going to be really really excited and have a LOT to brag about out there for a long time to come. So, SO proud of you guys. Amazing!! :)


    - DP
  • right more sleep gotcha
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    From what I could watch you guys did a great job keeping everyone busy.
    (Hey @Spacecats , make sure you study up on your Dakuryon quotes for me!)
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    This was amazing. I regret not being able to stay during the whole stream, but stuff happens :( specially when we are in the holiday season and my job demands a lot of time from me. Still, i very much enjoyed the stream, the little i could catch. This taught me that for next year, i gotta reserve the day and fill my fridge with lots of Monster, cookies, coffee, and all the good stuff :) Amazing job!
  • I loved it! I had so much fun as well, I kept on bugging/messing playfully around with Lawlipops about the Minecraft. No hard feelings Lawli! I also kept messing with Donkey and the others, saying they weren't going to make it through 25 hours, when clearly I was wrong and the one to stop at 1am but I came back right when I woke up. I sent a sweet post to the facebook page, which they already saw I take it. I had fun helping with the players in chat and talking to them. I am always here to help and make things fun when we need it or just in general.

    Extra Life is probably my first favorite event in Tera Online besides Halloween. It just proves that we as people can come together and help out what is right in this world, whether that is through gaming. It also helped out my mom's work at Via Christi and so much other places. Alot of MMORPgames probably don't do this ( I could be wrong )and that's what makes Tera Online so amazing.

    Anyways, I love you Spacecat, Denom, Donkey, Lawli, Bearshoes, Smorecer, Kimmander and everyone else! Can't wait for next year! :3 ~Moonpelt
  • Can any EME staff confirm that the triple drop is actually happening this weekend?
  • Inseo wrote: »
    Can any EME staff confirm that the triple drop is actually happening this weekend?

    Yes. That was one of the milestones we definitely hit.
  • Spacecats wrote: »
    Inseo wrote: »
    Can any EME staff confirm that the triple drop is actually happening this weekend?

    Yes. That was one of the milestones we definitely hit.

    Did we hit the ??? milestone though and if we did what is the ???
  • I think they said there would be an official post about what all the rewards we attained would be within a day or two (and that was on Sunday, so probably later today?), so I would just give it a little time. I'd expect a post from @Spacecats or @DonkeyProphet sometime today with the final results.
  • Spacecats wrote: »
    Inseo wrote: »
    Can any EME staff confirm that the triple drop is actually happening this weekend?

    Yes. That was one of the milestones we definitely hit.

    Will it apply to Ghillieglade?
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    Hi everyone! I'm finally back in the office after about 16 hours of sleep. There's not a lot that I can add that other Dream Stream Team folks haven't already said. You guys are amazing and I had such a great time hanging out with you all. Thank you for doing some truly incredible work for charity.

    On a more personal note, I also wanted to thank you for being so welcoming to myself and Donkey Prophet. Going into this, I was a little nervous about going in front of a new community, but you were all incredibly kind and I had so much fun chatting with you. Whether you were there the entire time or just jumped in for a few minutes, talking to you guys was the only thing that made it possible to stay up for so long. I'm already jotting down ideas for next time - I can't wait!

    PS: @BearShoes I appreciate the offer but I'm taking a break from jelly beans for the foreseeable future.
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