Mystic boss damage nerf lowers skill ceiling

I started playing recently and I picked mystic carefully. The 10/25/16 patch really harshed my mellow on this class.

I found the ability to make meaningful dps in dungeon runs to be an opportunity to maximize my potential skill ceiling. DPS and healing requires a bit more attention than just healing while keeping volley of curses up. During burn phases where no healing is required I could contribute. Or if everyone is adept at avoiding damage I can dps until some attention is required to healing.

I do not think it does anything good to make any time I spend on dps useless. Is the gameplay style they wan't out of me to spend my time dropping motes around the room? Basically that's what I've replaced it with. I used to pop warden and go dps some.

This was a terrible change and I wish it were replaced with some other alternative.



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