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11/08 Extended Server Maintenance, 7 to 11:30 a.m. PST



  • Can you guys add vm7 mats to pvp stores? That could help to keep alive the bgs.
  • Balance [filtered] PVP

    Just because you can't handle a new class doesn't mean its unbalanced. Says more about you then the other class when you can't figure out how to play against it. Hell, you even lined your self up perfectly with his fire avalanches so he could kill you.
  • you people are actually insane if you think ace dungeons being resetable is going to "crash" the market on them, yea there will be more t2 etchings and the price of that will drop and will for sure lower the price of etch3 but there still arent that many people crafting it regardless because the main problem with crafting etch 3 is still titan embers and the fact that not that many people like to rng for money.
  • So, ghillies can be reset now?
  • guillegade and Ace dungeons can be reset with instance reset scrolls

    Rip Etching :(

    I don't think so, I have 12 characters run Guille 4 times each and still haven't noticed the prices of etchings come down and have aweful luck with making perms for my own characters that I actually run with ppl.

    Whats another 4 runs going to do for me? Squat that's what.
    There would have to be far far far more ppl farming out Guille and guess what? Ppl just don't farm stuff as much as some might think cause its boring.

  • You're doing well, Enmasse. I had a suggestion that I hope you can look into:
    Tier 8 Feedstock in the Elite Gift Box (It needs to be removed)
  • Tier 10~11 from Lilith/Lachelith boxes, same for the Bonanza boxes. People are doing dungeons that require T10 or higher equipment so receiving T9 feedstock from the boxes is stupid, was like that in the previous content with Imperator boxes, giving miserable T8 feedstock in a box only obtained in the hardest dungeons. Elite box to tier 10 and 11 jackpots.
  • This extended maintenance is required for our Operations team to perform some necessary hardware updates.

  • Anime game where Ninjas are top tier.

    Who didn't see that coming? o.O
  • SkreezSkreez
    edited November 2017
  • You're kidding right? Not listening to the players? Making the f2p dragons bankable, something players wanted. Changing instance reset scrolls more or less back to before? Player driven. Fixing costume items and other broken untradeable stuff, all player requested (issues but still things that players were complaining about). The fact that the newest dungeons/hardest dungeons can't be reset, yeah, that's a good thing in my opinion. Why? Because now you actually have to dedicate yourself and not just burn yourself out in a week or two to finish the title achievements. You actually have to care and take your time. Which makes content last a longer duration of the patch. It also slows down the process of players getting the new top tier gear. Sure, you have a number of players who first day and such had ambush, but that's people who had saved up an enormous amount of RNG boxes from BGs to be able to open. Which means they either spent a lot of gold prior to patch, or saved up for a long time to be able to do it. This makes the game more competitive for a longer period for making gear. Don't get me wrong, it's annoying and there's already people with gear, but that's how it always is. And it's not like they don't know about the server issues, hell, during the 25 Hour stream over the weekend they ended up having people troubleshooting the server issues. They're trying, but you also have to understand, they don't make the content or have final say, they are just the donkeys putting the stuff out.
  • ShikineShikine ✭✭✭✭
    Shikine wrote: »
    @Denommenator Can you replace my Elite Status for this month? Cuz my Elite ll be useless if i cant reset the HM


    @mindsslayer real troll :D have you even cleared HM? i get 2 reset scrolls for the 2 clears, its bankable, it has a cd of 5 hours, should be enough. And I bet you use pegasus and dungeons scrolls right to go everywhere and not the journal or map...

    @Shikine Its not enough to me! Yes i have cleared since first day, and i want to rush like i did SSH, FIHM.

    How can you say only one scroll is enough? I run 2 times in 70 minutes and i have to wait for long hours to play again.

    I really don't get why you want to discard elite.
    1 entry and 1 with HM scroll + additional after 5 hours = 2 + additional
    2 entry, 2 again with scroll + additional 2 after 5 hours = 4 + additional
    2 entry, 4 entry + additional 4 after 5 hours = 6 + additional (here I assume dedicated scrolls wont drop anymore, which makes sense)

    o.o i understand the anger about that 2 runs without the need to wait 4 hours to reset again (after the 4 runs you do... tryhard much?), but not paying elite because of it? :D thats even more bs than the whining around scrolls and fails your logic there

    Edit: had to post it 2x, there are just people not being able to add up numbers
  • Balance [filtered] PVP

    That ninja looks like he was hacking you should have reported him, that or he (or you) sort of desynced really hard or got semi-disconnected while you were hitting him.
  • This patch seems really good. Dragons can actually be farmed decently if you have alts. You can farm Guilliglade for titan embers as much as you want, so etchings are a bit easier to make but you still need to gather scarabs for dendrites and gods tears for oils, which is still the most expensive part and takes the most production points, which takes me to elite status "being useless": THAT IS B.S., elite still doubles the vanguard credits from quests, gives you double dungeon runs and essentially gives you almost double pp per day with the free crafter's cure, not mentioning broker fees...
  • PVP is trash , new class is trash , all terq is trash

    almost as trash as you
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