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U.S presidential election results!! thoughts....

So how was the election for all of you? I ended up falling asleep before the whole announcement happened. But heck I am still very shocked to what i just witness and what just happened, I mean this is a serious historic moment and something to discuss about it.
Basically Donald Trump won the election and will be the 45th president....

I mean even every political scientist and media couldn't be more wrong at what would the result be. Because the difference between the final votes stretched over more than a million people, which to my sense is what was expected, because nobody really knew that there would be so many trump supports mainly due to how Trump played his campaign by keeping it very simple, "Hey I want to make America Great and bring back jobs" That was his very powerful quote and enough for many Americans who have barely any time to sit and watch political news to just side with him.

On the other hand i felt like Hillary wasn't perfect in any way either, she had more experience in politics and done a lot of things for the minority community, but she was a warmonger who was willing to start conflict with Russia or Assad over something like Syria or computer hacking. Wikileaks found evidence that she didnt even have any support for Catholics who are many part of latino community and her email scandal and withdrawing to fund ISIS was a final nail in the coffin for the chance of her victory. Maybe if my grandpa the Bernie Sanders ;) didnt withdraw from the race, he might gotten a better support from a democrats and republicans and would have won the election easily with no problem.

But finally even if Trump is now going to be the president, what exactly does this change? I think it changes nothing, everyone moves on and the white house has a new person in office signing papers. America is still protected by democracy and constitution and if he happens to try to pass some dumb laws, remember that laws have to be approved by House of Representatives and they can even be repealed by 2/3 thirds of votes. So its not like Trump is gonna be some mean dictator, it can get him impeached and thrown out the office faster than his head can spin.

Also please just dont remove this post cause this is a serious and important topic for U.S!


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    Wrong section buddy!

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    i support trump, because i dont trust the witch
    Wrong section buddy!

    General TERA-related discussion

    but trump promise to expel all the illegal cute elin in tera and force them to pay for the wall B)
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