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+15 AMBUSH VS +12 CF for pvp?

I know cf is easier to make but i'm willing to put in the work for the ambush, can someone tell me which hits hard when rolled for PvP?


  • Obviously Ambush weapon will hit harder when +15.

    Also the extra 4th roll makes it even better.
  • It's about 18k difference in attack for brawlers at least. Comparing my Ambush to conflate.
  • If you are not good enough not even the gear carry can help you. Im still kicking [filtered] when i play with my tensus scythes for lolz.
    Conflate is the smart and cheap way to go. But if you can make Ambush, go for it.
    good luck fam.
  • kknaexkknaex ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    For now since we have all those equalized BGs, pvp gears are for CU and dueling and messing around PK only.
    And conflate is good enough to win a duel bec skills matter the most in that case. To win a CU, join a zerg guild and u r fine. And roll Ambush for pvp looks like a waste for me.

    Oh,it's U
  • Well mate, Starfall +15 (weapon) when rolled for PvP hits harder than Conflate (weapon) IF it crits, however Conflate does more dmg when it doesn't crit. That's probably because of the 4th roll of Starfall I reckon.

    So Ambush is easily going to deal more damage... Obviously it will take more time and effort, with more resources being involved!

    Conflate is a nice cheap option, great for its value!

    Hope that helps mate and good luck!

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