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1.4k attack vs 7% from behind?

Which one is better? Is t9 worth grinding?


  • Idi0ticGeniusIdi0ticGenius ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    The Raw Damage calculation is something like
    [ ( A ) * [ 3+ 0.03( B ) ] + ( C ) ] * ( D ) * ( 1 + E )
    A = Total Attack modifiers
    B = Total Power
    C = Class Base Attack
    D = Skill Base Damage
    E = Total % Attack Modifiers

    If you want True Damage, you have to divide that Raw Damage above by the target's defense
    [ ( F ) * [ 3 + ( G / 100 ) ] + H ] * ( 1- J )
    F = Total Defense Modifiers
    G = Total Endurance
    H = Class Base Defense
    J = Target's Total % Defense Modifiers

    But judging by the change to Healer weapon where the high base heal mod was actually just other missing healing modifiers (6% from base, 2/4% from +4/+8 enchantment, and 4.5% from glove), I think that 1.4k attack is compensating the loss of 6.9% from behind. but it's just my guess though. If i really want to know, I need to do some number grinding like I did for healer analysis for this patch.

    It depends on which class you play and how much Total Attack Modifier, Total Power, Total % Attack Modifiers you have when you compare the two.

    By comparing weapon alone, I see

    Imperator > Stafall > Slaughter

    but then other factors may affect the efficiency of each weapon differently, such as VM glove which gives 3% more attack modifier, having power jewelries, etc.
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