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Your Zerker Setup!

Hello! I'm coming from a variety of different classes, but lately, my favorite has been the Berserker. Such big, juicy crits, amiright? Now, I know that everything is in the crit, but how to get there! Show your glyph setups, show your gear rolls. Attack speed over Damage %? Help a fellow zerker out, give me (and anyone else reading) some pointers!


  • Berseker
    5 gear slots, 5 kinds of diferents cristals settups,
    stats : 58 crit base + 222 cri factor ( shadovain + margemone 4 crit/4powa,4crit /0.04 cirt powa
    neclade 4 powa + inner crit pantus +16 + guild skill critfactor +5 )

    Cristals: Setup 1 : guillegade-only front damage, cristals : Wrathful, , focused, poudind x 2
    setup 2: soloed : wrathful, savage, pouding, focused
    setup 3: dungeon : Savage, bitter, focused, pouding
    setup 4: pvp bg : virulent, cruelty,craving,brutal
    setup 5: tank mode ( im still tank a few times with guilde in low-mid tier dungeons ), wraitful,treatening, focused, craving ( no pouding since intimidation nerf +30 critfactor /powa )

    2 kinds of rolls of gear: dps - tank
    dps set
    weapon, slaugter-armor dps :weapon, 9% mode damage enrage monsta, Crit powa 0.3, increase damage 6.9 % front behind, increase damage +6 ( because is for soloed - dps im no include +9 % enrage again )
    armor: Tunder strike +10% damage ( was +17% more flury of bows,with this flury have a 23 seconds + glyp instead 15 seconds unglyped, but im change this stat since flruy of bows will be nerf next pacht)
    less damage from enraged, less damage 6% , max hp 8%

    Tank set : Slaugter -armor weapon: weapon: +9 atack speed top botton( is personal chooise, but you can change to damage), +8.9 more damage to most agroo toward you, more damage to enrage monsta 9$, les cd in skill 7.2 % ( issue here, since intimidation mode do only 3 skills usefulll for tank like pushiment strike, raze, and flatten do more fast and less cd, and is useless for tunder strike- fiery rage, but more to often to takle or reposition tool ) * other berseker prefer more damage instead atack speed + les cd , im choose +9 atack speed for do test, im no sure im will change ( im dont have spellbins huehuehue) , atack speed +9 only do a bit more fast tunder strike and do more fast rotacion/ block with raze+pusiment+ tunder.

    Armor: tunder strike +10% damage ( im no sure if change this roll since flatten-raze-pusiment is more use when you tank ), less damage to 10% monsta agroo toward you, 6.9% less damage from frontal atacks, less gamage from enrage monsta %

    glyps : 5 slots to glyp

    Glyps 1 im called, soloed mode : pve + pvp glyps, like a less cd in strateging strike, 12% hp , etc
    glyps 2 im called pve full damage : pve full damage setup , crit in tunder-clyclone, + damage overchanging ( 12 hp since prime hp sucks )
    glype 3 im called pve evasion mode: pve full damage with a few glyps like a cd in evasive roll, cd in overheltm ,
    glype 4 pvp setup ( was with intimidation but im sucks in pvp lel) pvp setup, fear some + flaten damage, less cd in strateging strike,
    glype 4 tank setup ( im use old setup from Go berseker pacht bassed in agroo glyps+ glyps more fast flatten +raze, because im have hight ping and video lag, but im guess to change to do more damage since agroo generation is based in damage, and agroo cristals- glyps helps only if you you hit more consistencialy instead a few hits with more crits (agroo still work for undergear-underskill tanks )

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