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Patch notes for Nov 22nd are up but..

Spacecats wrote: »
Thanks Psionic, I hear you loud and clear. We're currently looking into equalized gear for FWC, and we've been talking with Bluehole about the absence of leaderboards post-Guilded Age. There are a few things coming with Tuesday maintenance that represent some of our efforts (there is only so much we can control as a publisher) but we hope it's a good start towards reenergizing the PvP scene.
Enchanting Bonanza Boxes now drop tier 10 feedstock (instead of tier 9).
Elite Gift Boxes now drop tier 9 and tier 10 feedstock (instead of tier 8 and tier 9).
Elite Gift Boxes now have a better chance to drop a stack of thirty feedstock.


Where are these changes regarding bgs that we were promised?


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    "Enchanting Bonanza Boxes now drop tier 10 feedstock (instead of tier 9)."

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    StarSprite wrote: »
    "Enchanting Bonanza Boxes now drop tier 10 feedstock (instead of tier 9)."


    Wow thats it? lol

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    Please use this official thread for discussion around tomorrow's patch:

    We'll continue working on small changes to improve the BG scene. As I said in the comment you quoted, we have been passing a lot of feedback to Bluehole in hopes of changing more. For our part, the Bonanza Box has been updated and we just finished up a PvP Jackpot weekend. We're still looking to do more, though.
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