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troubleshooting/help needed: issues w/ tera launcher

im a new tera player (a friend and i wanted a game to play together and we picked tera), and installed it through steam. i booted it today through steam, and was prompted to log in, but after i did it just took me to this screen (image attached)f656d440d50804e54295b2ed6c3b7ca7.png
. it's like some kind of internet browser pop-up type deal. ive tried logging in and out of the pop-up, but nothing works and it wont close, rendering the game unplayable. i havent even been able to get past logging in. i would appreciate some help if possible.thank you!


  • are you having trouble logging in? is the play button gray?
  • Play button is grey for me, in fact it wont even let me log in to verify my account on my end. I've been confused because 2 hours prior I was online and playing. Makes no sense.
  • Badmofo wrote: »
    are you having trouble logging in? is the play button gray?

    this is the first time ive launched it; i verified my acct in a browser before i launched it, so i dont think thats the problem? i havent ever played it either. the play button is gray before im prompted to log in + the mini-browser type thing is launched.
  • I assume that you've tried closing and restarting the launcher and no change?
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
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    You might want to make a support ticket so our CS crew can help troubleshoot the problem: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit

    Since you're on steam, you might also want to verify your game cache. You can do this in your Library by right-clicking TERA and going into the properties.

    In addition, there are a couple files you can delete in your TERA folder that will force the launcher to re-check for updates. We don't usually suggest deleting files like this, but the two I'm about to name are safe. The "Live2-Launcher.version" file is the one you should try first. Re-run the Launcher and let it do its thing for a couple minutes after you've deleted it.

    If you still have trouble, the "Game.version" file is the other one you should try deleting. Doing so will prompt your launcher to do a full repair on the TERA installation, and will take much longer.

    If neither of those work, see my first sentence ;D
  • @counterpoint: yes, i relaunched and no change unfortunately : ^(
    @Spacecats : thank you! i submitted a ticket and reinstalled and deleting game.version seems to have worked. i think the issue was with steam (a lot of users reported problems when playing w/ steam). thank you again : ^)
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