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From girl gamers...

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Sorry for annoying rant I'm about to do, but can't help it thanks to the guys who will be nicely listed below.
I'm playing 'Tera' for 3 and half years and I'm that race of "gamer girls" that is apparently more rare then unicorn...despite the fact that there are seriously tons of us in this game lol but hey, guys of this game says we are rare to none-existent and what majority says then so it is. Who is this "rare unicorn" to argue with that. Well here is what these "rare unicorns" have to say to all of you normal players who aren't as "rare" as us, based on my own experience and experience my other female friends and generally people who are females in this game constantly have.


Ah yes, this. The legend of old tales tells that such thing as female playing games doesn't exist and that only female who does is one who is thirsty for attention. Cute.
First for those type of "gamers", the only reason why is there any in first place is because there is this charming thing called "White Knight" that is looking for something without dong between the legs so he can be well her "White Knight" in here. So next time before stoning any female because of "attention wh*res", please go stone your fellow males who are willing to give them that attention in first place. Trust me, our lovely "attention wh*res" wouldn't exist if there wasn't your charming "White Knights" in first place :p


The old legend also says that those who are females are incapable of playing the game cuz she lacks controlling stick down there and as such doesn't has experience with "controlling sticks".
You know that charming situation in where you for example enter dungeon and suddenly everyone is going to "carry" you in here. Despite you being best geared(aka the one with best survival rate), despite the fact that you've done this countless times and that you are experienced...you shall be one who is "carried", despite the fact that is you who is carrying your party in here because most likely most of them came to that dungeon as soon as their ilvl allowed them to enter.


I love doing duels, I'm freak for it...but my love for it vanish when I do it with someone who knows what is hiding behind my male aman/ castanic/ popori.
If I'm to lose, it shall be "Eh, figures" because of reason at No.2, but if you win, it shall be "Eh, I let you" because of reason at No.2 as well.


Let me tell you short story of my own person experience in here.
When I first started playing 'Tera' as expected I didn't know a single thing since well -lol- I was new in first place so I was just learning mechanics in first place. So I do what most would do in my place, I join guild so I get help from them. And I did, guys were really nice and helpful despite of all noobish question I asked constantly, someone would be nice to jump and help me, except one officer who was silent, lets call him John. Ok, ok I know what you mean, not everyone needs to answer me and I agree, but here is why I'm mentioning John especially out of all silent guild guys. One day he did answer me on one of my questions in guild chat with "Go read a guide :p".
Yup that. Needless to say this meant that he had no desire to ever lend me a hand with anything in here and that I can go F myself. Fine.
So after year and half, most of guild members knew my gender, because they either heard me in voice chat, or had my Skype by now, or I told me when I was ask. Anyway out of this came two outcomes. First one was that there were guys who were "friends" with me when I joined, but once finding out that I'm "rare unicorn" they would give me cold shoulder and start being buttholes to me for no reason because reason No.1.
Second outcome was I logged in only to find someone send me 40k in parcel, costume, weapon skin, 500 masterwork alkahest and 500 mastework enigmatic scrolls. WOW! Who was this generous? No more then John himself! When I sent him whisp of what is meaning of this, he replied "I didn't needed it and thought to give it to you perhaps"...wow...how nice that he is deciding to "help" me now when I seriously didn't needed any of this, while when I needed I was told to go and read a guide. But suddenly for some "mysterious" reason I was given stuff I never asked for and suddenly John was first to offer help despite me seriously not even asking for any -__-


If you are nice enough like John in there to send as gift on your own accord without any of us even asking for it......then we shall take it....and sell it! Or just give them to someone.
But that is not nice, right? To take gift only to throw it away like that. Well it is also not nice being categorized into reason No.1 all of the time as well and assuming I require of you something in here. In short, if no one asks you for it, don't send them out of random. There is perhaps some person who will send it back, but personally I'm that one who will take it and give you "thanks" which translates into "idiot". Because that is what you are if you do this kind of thing.


Remember what I said at No.4 of how John guy would whisp me to offer "help" despite me not needing it or asking for it? Well that!
You see no matter how much you say "No" and that you don't need that or that or help with that, apparently they get deaf and again repeat all these question in same question chain as before, despite you giving same answers over and over again as some parrot! Now there are two outcomes in here, one is you answer and cycle of repeating shall repeat of them not getting hint, or you ignore them and you will be branded as stuck up b*tch who is thinking she is something special based on what is down there...ehm...love we don't think that. You are one in here thinking that!


Oh boy, oh boy! Who would have thought, that females are yet another human who is sexual creature and as such can be perverse and not typical classical princess nun that doesn't even know how human anatomy looks like.
Serious shocking discovery right there!


Again, such shocking discovery that females are again just human beings who just like any other can use "not so polite" words at time.
Apologies on every female behalf in this world that exists and plays games, that these "rare unicorns" aren't much of unicorns as you imagined us to be. So sorry.


That you just found out that behind our screens we have our hair tied in messy bun or ponytail, that our face is bare, that we are in some sweater or plain shirt and sweatpants and that we don't look like...
EDITED - You'll have to use your imagination for this one. As per forum rules, please don't post sexually suggestive photos in the forums. Thanks!

Again, so sorry for this most shocking world discovery you just found out about B)


  • Mobius1Mobius1 ✭✭✭
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    Yeah, the MMO community can be pretty horrible towards female gamers!

    I've been in guilds where you'd think they had never even seen a female before, and act horribly.

    Another thing, as you pointed out, is guys are usually way more likely to help you out, just because you are a girl. Honestly, it is sort of in our nature, but I hate guys who don't lift a finger for another guy, but bend over backwards to help out someone, just because it's a girl.

    And I'd say the worst of all, are the filthy disgusting bastards, who say nasty, misogynistic, derogatory crap, etc.. People in this community can be so toxic, and disgusting jerks. The stuff I hear people say sometimes....it can be downright abusive, and goes well beyond just trash talking.

    The anonymity of the internet, coupled with their air of superiority they have, simply because they are leet in an online game (but actually socially incompetent boys, who have no job and play games all day.), turns them into dominating, narcissistic, egomaniacs, who feel that it's ok to belittle women, or use disgusting, sexist, deplorable language.
  • KatsumiNekoKatsumiNeko ✭✭
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    This is too accurate.

    I'm not going to give any names but lets say I once joined a guild that well needed to use teamspeak(however they only said this is must after week being with them).
    I whispered guild master of it to ask them so I don't need to use it because I'm female and I tend not to ever tell that and it will be obvious in voice chat that I'm(I don't like people knowing it in game because of the reasons you listed). They still told me like that I had to and blah blah blah stuff as that, still didn't mattered guild anyway got disbanded after few days later lol.

    Anyway, when I was joking and messing with people on global, he appeared in chat and I got how he shall "deepthroat" me....I don't even want to re-repeat stuff I got. I trusted them because they were supposedly "married" and with "kids", in short supposedly mature person. I know it was naive of me, but like I said, I keep my identity secret in games and only reason why I even bothered to drop my gender in whisper was to try and make them understand why I don't want to use voice chats. Instead I got this from someone who claims to be father of the two. And it is funny how even before guild disbanding and deepthroat comment, I got different treatment even back in guild after that whisper, it felt a bit...sleazy would be right word to describe it.

    It is disgusting beyond words especially because he doesn't even know my age in first place. Yes I'm 20, but he doesn't know that, as far as anyone know I could be way younger, perhaps I'm just 16 or 14 or who knows perhaps I'm 12 year old! You get my point on what I mean, it is seriously disgusting that someone who claims to be married and has two children to try and "[filtered]" in MMO with someone they don't even know age of! Especially someone who didn't ask for [filtered] in first place, like I said I was just joking with few friends of mine in global when this COMMENT came from my ex-guild master that was totally unrelated to anything me and my friends were joking about.
  • Mobius1Mobius1 ✭✭✭
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    It's crap like that, that made me reluctant to get my wife to play.

    She's not very good at video games, to make things worse. I just know it's only a matter of time before she gets berated, and then the sleaziness...

    Having her play, almost feels like sending a sheep among wolves! I just hope I can find a good guild for her (Or maybe I'll just only have her do solo content with me! :dizzy:). Problem is, I'm 100% PvP focused, so it may be tough finding a guild that is good for both of us!

    It's sad really. You gotta have especially thick skin, these days.
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    as a female myself, I know exactly what you mean. I have been playing tera for 2 and a half years, and im still getting ignored and berated. if they do talk to me, they want my Skype or want me to team speak. so now I just run what I can solo. im not geared good enough nor do I have the crystals or know which ones to use. idc about that. I just play for entertainment so keep playing girls, and have fun.
  • VeliceaVelicea ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    yeah, i know what you mean. i get pervy comments because of my gender sometimes. i don't mind compliments, people being nice, or flirting (although i do have have a boyfriend so don't expect me to reciprocate), but lame attempts at a certain type of roleplay and extremely vulgar messages leave a bad taste in my mouth *rim shot*.
    not to mention i'm turning 18 this year, and i've been playing mmos for a while, so a lot of that happened while i was still underage.

    regardless, i think the majority of people i've talked to/played with have been pretty chill still! the rude people and trolls won't stop me from continuing to enjoy mmos :)
  • Exactly!
    Still I can't help but be annoyed each time there is some idiot that berates me or some other girl based on what is down there. Many will say, including me "Meh, got used to it." but that is issue, no one should be USED TO THIS! It is beyond words despicable!

    Like Velicea said, flirting is alright, I got no problem with those, they are hramless.
    But thing like KatsumiNeko gave in example of wanting to deepthroat someone....that is pure harassment. And case of that dude claiming he is married plus having kids is making all this even worst.
  • TaybatTaybat ✭✭
    Meh I've learned to ignore world chat comments. And I have luckily in the past have been in some great guilds that were either run by girls,or guys that were really chill.
    It sucks to see that there are people who are getting this kind of [filtered] now.
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    ive had so many vulgar comments made towards me on the game as well. it seems like there should be some sort of filter in chat. also, I hate the ones that want you to " prove it " that you are a female by wanting Skype, phone number, or some other sort of personal info. im like this now, how about I send them a bloody pad for proof lol. they think that boys are the only ones allowed to be able to play games, and we are only here for them to date.
  • AomeAome ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    I love (not really) when male gamers try to act like gaming is some elite male dominated club. Women make up 48%/49% of gaming these days. And it was something like women in their 20s even out-ranking teenage boys - who are stereotypically thought to be the most common gamer.

    I've had global off for 2 years now and never mention my gender tho, so I never have harassment directed at me anymore. I did have a stalker on Tera a few months after I started playing tho, when I was more open about my gender. So that was fun.
  • It can get bad, yeah, but I've had many friends in game that are girls, and even met my current girlfriend here. I think if you find a nice tight-knit guild, then you won't run into many trolly guys who are like that. In my guild, the girls are right there next to the guys, and on one really bothers to separate the two, we're all just players. I know that's a rare environment, but my best advice is to just keep people who are kind around you, and blacklist those who aren't.
  • ZebNikoZebNiko ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    From the cave men (and women) to the end of life and human civilization, there will be strife caused by differences from your fellow peeps. Also, life wouldn’t be interesting if there wasn't some kind of conflict happening.

    Personally, I hate it when people misuse certain words. Like using cancer as a derogatory word. It's a horrible illness that ruins lives and families. I see it all the time, but I ignore it cus there is nothing I can do. Yelling at them won't help.

    Sometimes when I can't take it anymore, I remove myself (logout) or block the foul mouth. Seek better, more sensible peeps to play with. You won't even notice the idiots if you are distracted by fun, nice people. For Tera though, all this elin only content is kinda driving away the nice, normal guys. wtbpopoonlyclass
  • Well, I play for 2 years now and sometimes I use my gender to sort out my fuckups. It's really funny when you say "Oh, god. I'm sorry. Girls have such a bad reaction you know" and everybody says "Oh, that's ok. you did well" Lol. First time I Q for 3's I was really bad. Partly because I just get disoriented with such a tight pvp, partly because of low ping. And there was a guy at my team that got really infuriated because our loss and told he would report me for feeding. But when I say him some silly sugar words about "We girls don't really good in pvp bla-bla" he ended up telling me what crystals to use, how and when and so on... ;)
  • TimesNewRamenTimesNewRamen ✭✭✭
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    This is why I still pretend to be a guy in-game :anguished: Unless I'm with my guildies. They all know that I'm a girl because of Discord call. They can be pretty irritating sometimes but they're actually really nice and respect girls =)
  • I'm gay and I do all this to straight guys, so they feel uncomfortable and can feel/know what girls have to go through.

    Educating straight guys, one at a time.
  • I can never tell if they are trying to be funny or are actually uneducated on the percentages of those who game now. >.>
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