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Reward Points

Hello, i don't know if this is a bug or it just doesn't register, the reward points (from CS,FW, and other daily quests) will not register in the emporium, i for one did all my available missions for today and i am still at the same amount needed for the next level, i double checked it just now, completed a FW and the reward points will not add.
Thank you.


  • TheGreyWolfTheGreyWolf ✭✭✭
    It's broken for me as well.
  • same here doesn't increase for a few days already
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes. The staff is aware of this. This is happening to only in game earned points. Buying from the cash shop is not affected, so at least you can buy from there if you had something to buy, and you will get the points.
  • So....now Loyalty points are now held as hostages...UNTIL YOU PAY THE RANSOM! great...another big slap in the face to players by EME and BH showing us all we are just cash cows to them to fill there coffers
    i am only 319 points away from the next tier but who cares? they surly don't...
    edited May 2016
    At least they buffed the reward points gained from vanguards. We should be able to make some better progress once it actually works.

    Even though IMO a totally useless system except for the account wide enchantment buff.
  • EurokoEuroko ✭✭
    They need to fix it. I do hope they do something about it soon though. Been waiting to get 2% enchant bonus to +15 my ninja weapon.
    Only off by 1200 Points. QQ
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