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The Truth About Dismantling



  • Im just logged to say, i still rolling on any piece of gear (excepting chest and wep boxes). Because i need to gear up my alts and needs to be the same name gear.
    They need to bring back the dismantle system back or buff the FS reward from VG or, maybe, add a FS box like MW box on VG store.
  • msoltysplmsoltyspl ✭✭✭
    BHS said themself that the change to this was because of players rolling on other people's gear so they could use it to convert to feedstock.

    If they really said that, it's another proof that they are hopeless, knee-[filtered] reacting "designers". And what bloody stupid brainless subset of ktera players are they even "adjusting" this game for ?

    What about obvious logical solutions:

    - add feedstock drops with amount of stacks equal to party size
    - add non-tiered spellbind drops, as above
    - same for alkahest, embers, etc.

  • ph3sph3s ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Believable wrote: »
    You might be losing out on 48 feed per item but what you're losing out on is actually an entire method of farming feedstock altogether. That's what people are concerned about right now.

    ^ this. You can't farm feedstock anymore from instances that drop gear. And anyone now rolls on any piece they can roll to enchant alts. EME was trying to stop feed runs now it's all about fod runs. GL gearing to new players that aren't in good guilds/don't have many frieds to run a 7 man raid.

    BTW that enchanting gear with gear is kinda bs, pardon me. Had 6 DN chests tried to enchant my ninja's DN +9 with them all fail.

    DN failed 6 times to enchant from 9 to 10. Yeah i didn't have to use MWA but 6 fails on mid -tear gear is bs.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    You're taking the complaints too literally, they already know they can dismantle something that had feedstock put into it. I haven't seen anyone say otherwise. Honestly, this is how it should have been anyways. Unfortunately people are greedy, and there had already been a lot of problems since last year about fodder runs, especially during AI where groups would que as 6~9 and impose their fodder run on the randoms. People have always argued over who "deserves" what, whether the guy with millions of gold worth of items on their account, or the one who just started. With this change, it's now not an issue. They even made sure that there's no value in the gear as you can't even Vendor it for any meaningful amount as they are just 1 gold each. Of course with one source of feedstock being taken away there needs to be a replacement to compensate.

    One thing I don't understand is why don't they update the "Enchantment Boon Box" you can get for 580 VI Credits to have Tier 8 Feedstock and a couple other things. It would be an alternative use for credits for those who don't need the MWA or another option to use the credits to make gold.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    sestina wrote: »
    Yamazuki wrote: »
    You're taking the complaints too literally, they already know they can dismantle something that had feedstock put into it.
    No they didn't, people on this forum literally said, "you can't dismantle any gear that are Tier 8 and over".

    Now the message has gotten across and people are complaining about feedstock issue which that's another topic on hand.

    People just can't read on this board it seems.

    Yes, with the context of.... getting new feedstock, not feedstock refunded. With that in mind, clearly the complaints were mostly about fod runs being removed and no reliable way of getting new feedstock.
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