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Extra life rewards

as the title says, extra was last weekend and there was a list of tiered rewards as a form on incentive for people to donate etc. space cats said we raised over $14,000 for the seattle childrens hospital, which is pretty cool.

$3,000 Milestone: TERA Double XP Weekend (Nov 12)

$4,000 Milestone: TERA Battleground Power Hour all weekend long (Nov 12)

$5,000 Milestone: Our primary goal is met! All TERA players will get a Beary Important Case! All AVA players get a Double Supply Weekend Nov 12!

$7,250 Milestone: AVA Double Euro/XP Weekend (Nov 12) & TERA Battleground Bonus Jackpot Weekend (Nov 12)

$9,000 Milestone: TERA Double Dungeon Drop Weekend (Nov 12)

$10,000 Milestone: TERA Triple Dungeon Drop Weekend (Nov 12)

$12,500 Milestone: Temporary Go-Karts added to TERA calendar (Nov 11, 12, & 13)

$14,000 Milestone: ????

since then though there has been no follow up on the rewards we earned etc, or what was the mystery last reward o.o @Spacecats @DonkeyProphet


  • KanayuuKanayuu ✭✭✭
    edited November 2016
    I'm not sure what they're doing atm. They promised it this weekend, so it's going to happen. Or else it'll be SOON(tm) all over again
  • Any word on this yet?
  • We've already had the events for this o-o!
  • I believe the last prize was the weekend BAM & Monster Boss Hunting.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes, these events are over. Please try not to necro old threads. Thanks!
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