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New Player

Hey! I'm relatively new to the Tera. What is something to be aware being new to the game and do pro players have tendency to harass other less experienced players? Just want to enjoy game as a game and not some sort of competition. I do read and watch guides to be informed about in game things.


  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Welcome to TERA. As first word of advice, i must tell you to take everything said in the forums with a grain of salt. A lot of people live on the edge, while others are the opposite.

    With that said, there really isn't anything important to be aware of other than your common trolls and haters. They are in all games, TERA is no exception. If you choose a PvP server, i would suggest Fey Forest as the PvP only happens at level 65 over there, so you wont have to worry about fully geared gankers doing their usual lowbie hunt for their own "fun".

    Other than that you pretty much already do what most of us do to get informed in dungeons and stuff. Ignore the trolls and haters, look for a friendly guild. Not all the time the largest guilds gonna be the best options. If you find a small bunch that is cool to hang around, then you gonna be having fun and truly enjoy the game.

    TIP: In my spare time, i like to explore. The world of TERA is such a wonder is easy to get lost in its beauty.

    Once again, welcome to TERA.
  • MeningitisMeningitis ✭✭✭✭
    Welcome to TERA! I hope you enjoy playing. ^^

    Things to be aware of for newbies:
    > Try to always have crystals on once you're able to get them, they help!
    > You won't see any actual dungeons until level 20.
    > Mounts like Moon are super cheap on the trade broker and are faster than the crappy free horse.
    > You can always go back and do a dungeon solo if you can't find a party patient enough to wait for you to do story quests in dungeons (if you're interested in the story, that is). As long as you don't abandon the quest, you can enter it by yourself without a queue or with a party (no queue).
    > Doing Vanguard quests (Press H) while leveling I think gives you free battle solutions as well as exp so those may be worth doing since most of them are pretty laid back open world mob killing stuff.

    And yeah, unfortunately there's a lot of elitists that treat newbies like garbage, but it's like that in all online games. I haven't played on many servers, but CH has seemed the most laid back and friendly to me (Idk about FF I've never played on it yet).

  • Stay clear of MT and FF, very toxic servers where all PVP is dead anyways.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    Welcome to TERA, Pamcake! There's already great advice in this thread but I wanted to make sure you knew about the New & Returning Player subforums where you can post any questions as they arise. There are always people ready and willing to answer odd questions in there as you familiarize yourself with the game.
  • Stay clear of MT and FF, very toxic servers where all PVP is dead anyways.

    FF is better compare to CH imo. CH full of toxic. U can't really get a person to guide you whenever to are asking a question in global chat.
  • that's your first mistake right there....asking something in global chat. if you are in ch go to velika where everyone hangs out and ask there in area chat. you will get much better results
  • Welcome to Tera, hope you enjoy your stay.
    I'd recommend taking leveling slow, you will level up more quickly doing dungeons but Tera is a beautiful game and you will miss a lot of it if you do that. There's just so much in the world it's not funny.
    A few things that will make your experience better, the first is you may have noticed the avatar weapon thing in your storage coming up. Avatar weapons are for every however many levels that are stronger against a level group of enemies. Even if the stats are slightly less than another weapon you come across the avatar will hit harder in that level range. (So don't discard those until you're up to the next weapon.
    Both Bams and bosses are considered monsters, so when you fine "hardy" crystals those are the ones you want to hold onto. Most of the rest of the defensive crystals are a waste of storage space. (You probably won't know what to hold onto and if you're like me you want to keep everything. B) )
    There is a class imbalance in the game, but playing well offsets this much more than in other games. You for the most part won't have to worry when you eventually hit endgame that you won't get into parties because of your class. Find the class you like to play and stick with it. (No need to worry about the future.)
    When you do hit end game look up some guides, essential mana is a good resource, tera player helping player section of the forums is also decent. (Whatever you do, do not ask for help in global on any server, global is where the trolls reside. If you need help the forums are a better bet. )
    And as other mentioned guilds are a great plus. This game has the classic MMO "trinity" where there is a healer, tank, and the dps. If you want to get a group going having a guild would let you do it faster than you would otherwise. (Guilds also make you stronger with guild abilities.)
    As for the harassing thing, yes and no. There are a lot of really good people playing this game, both in terms of ability and simply good people. However just like outside of a MMO you've got the not so great people. There is also a tendency for the not so great people to also be bad at playing the game so you probably want to avoid them both that reason as well. But yeah the majority of the player base are nice and are willing to help. :)
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    that's your first mistake right there....asking something in global chat. if you are in ch go to velika where everyone hangs out and ask there in area chat. you will get much better results

    This is a ridiculous answer; those people who hang in Velika are always a group of people who are only waiting for duels.
    Someone who want to actually play has no reason to hang out there INSTEAD of going on the maps.

    As for the topic original questions, harassment of new or lower players is rare on my server (Tempest Reach), but it happens; the worst I have seen was a couple of players camping in a room where the story quest require to summon then kill a boss; those 2 players spammed duel invitations, and kept killing the summoned boss before it could even be targeted by the player summoning it.
    When asked nicely to stop it, the only answer was an offensive one, so screenshots and report through ticket (which was acknowledged contrarily to common belied).

    For doing quests in dungeons, the current 'instance matching' feature is not fit to purpose: doing the quests (which often requires talking to NPCs and watching animation sequence which sometimes have important information) is entirely incompatible with dungeon rushers, yet the matching system mix both together.
    I only used instance matching once, the very first time I went to a dungeon in this game; that was enough to decide 'never again'; by the time I finished talking to the NPCs inside the entrance, the rest of the team had already killed the first boss and were way past half the dungeon.
    They never even answered once when I tried talking to them.
    Which made 20 minutes queuing a complete waste of time for me (none of their kills counted for me since I was too far).
    This is NOT the exception but the usual way it goes with instance matching, according to all players I discussed it with since that.

    My advice for dungeons is two-folds:
    - if you are higher level than the dungeon requirement, try soloing it; as far as I saw so far, you can still enter any dungeon by using the top option at its teleporter (need to be at its physical entrance); even if you cannot finish it, that still allows you to get familiar with it in your own time.
    - If you need to go through a dungeon to progress on your quests, but are not able yet to solo it, ask for help in Global; there are a few players who do help lower level players through dungeon quests, and actually wait for the players they help through (if they don't, just leave and ditch them); beware that you get your quests done safely that way, but will not get drops or experience from the kills if the other player is significantly higher than the dungeon; however the quests rewards for finishing a dungeon usually include the same items which could have dropped inside.
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    Fafhred1 wrote: »

    It must be different based on the server, the people who like to PvP are all in highwatch on my server.
    As for global on my server, -censored- no! :p
    Maybe it's just my server has more trolls.
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    Pamcake wrote: »
    Hey! I'm relatively new to the Tera. What is something to be aware being new to the game and do pro players have tendency to harass other less experienced players? Just want to enjoy game as a game and not some sort of competition. I do read and watch guides to be informed about in game things.

    Welcome to TERA;

    Best option to over come those that judge to fast is to be up front with them, let them know if you are iffy about mechanics. People I run with LOVE new people that let them know before the pull that they aren't sure and will take the time to explain plus are understanding if you mess up. If you find those that rage over you being new and do not want to run with you or harass you about smile and walk away from them, they aren't worth the energy to grief over, spend you time better finding people that want to enjoy their time as well. Just do not be passive and quite, communicate. On a side note CH is rather laid back, there are some friendly guilds that are more than happy to help new people, just don;t ask global, global on CH is the home of ugly trolls.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    erping is not ugly troll B)
  • Hey! Thank you for being welcoming and thank you for advice's.
    So far I been in plenty of instance dungeons and battlegrounds. Most the time it's all about running as fast as you can through dungeons, which is kind of same. Never can check cut-senses. Only if I run with guild, but that's rear, because I'm from Europe. Instances pretty much I see either new people or very OP players who sometimes are jerks and will bully ratter than be helpful. I'm very nerves to join top hard mode dungeons. My gear is +12 with good stats, but I heard people kick others if they don't have +15 gear, which is weird. Materials and accessories I can get only doing those dungeons.
  • You have 2 options:

    1: You convince people to give you a chance. Whch is rare, but can happen, especially depending on your class.
    2: You form your own group so you are the master of your group.

    As to what your comment about cutscenes and speed runs. We're middle of the way through patch. So most players have seen the cutscenes 2901470347 times already across probably 4-6 characters. Most of us have all the instances on farm, and the reason we're doing it is because we're looking for that one lousy crafting material that everyone and their mother needs.

    Most people in instances expects you to carry your weight. Personally, if I see you try your best and improving, I am willing to let things slide, but if I see you eat the same mechanics 10 times with no signs of improving, I will talk to you about it. And I think most players here will agree with this statement. No, we're not trying to be jerks, but our time is valuable just as much as anyone else's. If you are learning, you have the obligation to let us know, and not tell us after 5 wipes that this is your first time here, then you're just asking for people to get riled up at you.
  • I usually do inform other players that I'm first time in dungeon or not experienced. About cut scene, it's just a tiny nitpick of mine.
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