12/02 at 11 a.m. PST to 12/05 at 11 a.m. PST: Lilith's Keep and Ruinous Manor Reset Scroll Drops



  • Title says 12/05, post says "Monday" the 6th...

    Today is Monday the 5th; tomorrow, Tuesday, is the 6th.

    So... Is it ending today, or what??
  • LesbianVi wrote: »
    @kknaex yeah lol, that is a problem.

    Yea,when I was making comments about the game system and how user unfriendly it is atm for new players.
    That newbie took it as a personal insult and call me an Elitist.
    And another newbie is like' do u know she is my wife and she is new to the game"
    I was like" WOW" Before I tried to explain thing they quitted.
    So I guess stupid ppl really attract each other in certain cases.
  • LesbianVi wrote: »
    @kknaex yeah lol, that is a problem.

    And u know the best part is? I res the girl's ninja under the boss's feet. And she just stood up and died again several times.
    Her bf is like" Do u know u shouldnt res her while under boss feet, it killed her"
    I was like"wut"
    Both of them didnt know it is up for the receivers to res themselves when the time is right?
  • Drops will resume today starting at 11 a.m. PST. We'll also be running this for the remaining weekends in December. A news post will go up shortly detailing this in a more official capacity.
  • Why do I even bother buying elite status is the question now.........Mysteries of Tera; no one ever will know........
  • PixelatorPixelator ✭✭✭✭
    Lessiem wrote: »
    Why do I even bother buying elite status is the question now.........Mysteries of Tera; no one ever will know........
    Because it doubles your base daily entries from 1 to 2? And increases the effectiveness of these reset scrolls?

    I don't know.
  • People are using Elite status as a lame excuse.

    First of all, would you run RMHM 12x a day?
    Would you buy/farm your Battle Solutions to use every 30 minutes or when you die?
    Would you buy a scroll everytime you will run a dungeon?
    Even if you are hardcore, when you farm all your feedstock, would you pay the tax to put it on trade broker?
    Also, wouldn't you be bothered about receiving half of the VG's you normally receive?
    And there a lot more things...

    I'm not defending about the scrolls not being able to reset RM and LK, it sucks in my opinion.
    But you guys shouldn't use Elite as an excuse because of what is happening.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    LesbianVi wrote: »
    Since we have it here, I wanna point something, I wanted to make a post but I am saying it here for now.

    Lilith's keep normal is way too long and hard for newcomers, of coarse when you compare it to the very easy dungeons like CW, KC, DFNM. It takes too much time and effort with Slaughter, it is a gearing dungeon with a very poor loot, usually 1 boots, 1 or 2 belts, 1 weapon guile. This is for 5 players which are looking for gears. We need at least 2 Weapon Box, 3 to 5 Guile belt, 2 to 3 boots to drop. I know you want players to run it, but you can run 5 times and don't get a thing.

    IMS takes too much time to find a party, they are mostly trap. I see LFG with skilled players or with couple of runs required in servers. LKNM needs adjustment, you don't prepare new players for that kind of dungeon.

    We don't have a complete indicator for boss attacks, specially 2nd boss, Even when I run it I have trouble to do 2nd boss, it is laggy, Indicators are good for players like me with 270+ ms ping or new players, specially tanks. and LKNM currently is very MS PING and FPS oriented.

    Please observe this dungeon and adjust it for the sake of gearing and new level 65 players.

    PS: if anyone gonna say I am bad, they are bad, the whole world suck and you are God, stay away from this and replying this, it is coming from a casual player with a very high ping and MS ping. It is not that hard but when you run it via IMS with new players and 410 iLvL, things changes.

    The dungeon taking a long time isn't a gear issue. I had a full Guile group when I healed it take 40 minutes per boss. Make it easier then any decent group ends up killing each boss in 1 minute. A decent group can already kill the 2nd boss before the bar even reaches 100% a single time with no consumables. The game also can't be balanced for your 300 ping either. Dungeons also can't be balanced around traps either.
    Sylviette wrote: »
    EME staffs have proved they can listen to our feedback before, and I really hope you guys can keep it up.
    They generally do, but the issue is a lot of these problems depends on BHS. Even when EME comes up with something people in NA can agree on, BHS can come and say no all they want. Example being the dragons. Koreans don't know what NA players want, and have a habit of not listening to NA based publishers. Notice how a majority of Korean MMOs are not published by American companies, but often times a Korean or a European one even for NA? Korean developers also don't deal with the harassment/abuse either, it's the publishers. They only have to deal with the Korean player base, if at all.
  • Remove content then add it as an event. I don't have stomach to handle it.
  • YuxibrYuxibr ✭✭✭
    Today I did 2 RMNM and 1 LKHM and got nothing from any of these dungeons. :/
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