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    Hi, the launcher is stuck and closes after how many seconds. What should I do?
  • lagging right now need help :(
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    folks. sometimes i think all these server problems are just one big trial to find out who truly loves TERA. i love TERA and i will stay. against all odds. to the end. amen.
  • do eme ever listen to this issue? please fix your [filtered] server. [filtered] moron runs a company. you are wasting our elite subs. we DEMAND a compensation! wtf EME been doing? you only suck our money but never really care about the player experiences.
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    this is new, If I am not connected to server or anything, why I can get there easily and with no issues, it stayed that way for awhile and then kicks me out :anguished:
  • Tried a few times since maintenance yesterday, again just now, still unplayable.
    A guildie just told me it was the same for him, then all those reports here saying the same; something was clearly botched with last maintenance, adding to the previous issues...
    I had a 7 days XP bonus on, so much for that now since it seems I will be out of the game until this latest worsening is fixed; or for the duration if another MMO takes my fancy in the meantime... testing SWTOR today, it has its own reputation to be laggy, but I get nothing like it is now here...
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    its funny spacecats is closing down threads and directing people here just for them to be ignored and for eme to remain silent as usual @Spacecats @Denommenator @CobaltDragon @DonkeyProphet is this hte great eme way?
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    Still high lag. From 100 to 800 in 3 seconds.

    Waiting for EME response someday.
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    @counterpoint From what I gather, there is lots to do to the game to check if it working properly and improve performance. Why there isn't a single page which links to everything, I have no idea.

    Wall of Text Begins

    EME threads that I can find from Google to do with System Performance:

    Common Issues
    - Repair TERA from Game Launcher: Done every Tuesday after maintenance and every minor patch.
    - Repair TERA from Steam Done before repairing TERA using the TERA launcher.
    Connectivity Issues
    - Run The EME Diagnostic Tool: Every time I run this, the only issue is there is a port problem, but I've opened the ports on both my router and the Windows Firewall and the Port Foward Checker Tool from PortForward says they're open the Port Forward servers.
    - Restart Your Modem And Router: It's off from 1am - 5pm weekdays and from 4am - 3pm weekends.
    - Renew Your IP And Flush DNS: I do this manually once a fortnight.
    - Change Your DNS Settings. I switch between letting my router workout which DNS to use and Google's DNS Servers. I don't notice anything.
    - Adjust Your Firewall And Router Settings. TERA is an allowed application on my Firewalls and all the ports are forwarded at both OS and router. And no, I'm not turning off my Firewall as I deal with enough [filtered] because other people have turned theirs off.
    - Check Your Wireless Connection: I use an Ethernet Cable and only two mobile phones are connected via Wireless. Further, there is no guest wireless on my router and no unwanted devices that are connected to it.
    - Check Your Anti-Virus. TERA is an exception in this and it's set to Silent/Gaming mode. Windows Defender is uninstalled, before you ask. And no, I'm not turning it off. I deal with enough [filtered] because other people have turned theirs off.
    - Close Extra Background Applications: Apart from the AV, there's Steam and Discord. There's no difference without Steam and Discord.
    - Update Your Copy Of Windows. Windows 10. Automatically updates itself. Even the Editions for Business auto-update, unless the installation of WIndows never had the update which forces automatic updates.
    - Check With Your Router Manufacturer For Firmware Updates: Up-to-date
    - Contact Your Internet Service Provider: They say they've looked into it and they're giving me the best service they can.

    Yes, there are other support pages you can get from Google, but those are to do with the Manifest file, Applying Patches and TERA will not start and they don't affect me.

    Now for the stuff that I couldn't quickly find with Google with an EME page.

    - Use a decent (and preferably Intel) processor: AMD FX 6300. A decent processor that runs most stuff I throw at it pretty well.
    - Use a decent Graphics Card: MSI nVidia GTX 1070 Gaming X
    - RAM: 2x 8GB 1600MHz
    - SSD: Yes. My OS and TERA are an SSD.
    - Cooling: Corsair H55 Liquid Cooler. At least 15C better temps than AMD stock cooler when mining Bitcoins going at 100% (down from 45C to 30C), so I'd assume it'd cool my CPU for TERA pretty well.
    - Lowering the Performance Preset used in game. Set the game to Preset 0, then turned off Low
    - Remove any TERA mods if they were ever used and then repairing the game. Done this.
    - Disable Fast-boot: As I have 3 different operating systems on the same machine (each on their own disk), I have to do this to prevent NTFS breakage.

    - Use a Standard VPN: The two (TotalVPN, LiquidVPN) that I tried to connect England directly to Chicago somehow managed to raise my ping all the way up to 200ms with them, where I'm averaging 110~120ms without. There was a third one where I couldn't even get TERA to connect through it. I stopped after those 3.
    - Use a Gaming VPN: I know I did try a couple, but I can't seem to find them in my e-mails. I do remember that I would be sort of stable at around 120ms for 8 seconds, then 200ms for 4 seconds.
    - Use WTFast: I've tried this several times over the last few months on and off, and this hasn't made any noticeable improvement in stability.
    - Turn off Windows Update via P2P: Windows 10 by default adds machines into a P2P network for sharing updates to reduce load on the Microsoft Servers. This also eats up your bandwidth. This is one of the things I keep on turning off because Microsoft like to push updates that turn this feature back on.
    - Disable the Guest Wi-Fi on ISP provided routers/Use a router where you have total control over who can connect to the wireless: Yes, some ISPs provide modem routers that have a guest WI-Fi that cannot be turned off, meaning anyone can use your line. As I couldn't disable the Guest Wi-Fi on the ISP provided router, I got a new modem/router where I could connect to this and turn the feature off. My ISP allow home and business consumers to do this without penalties.
    - Be the only person in your block of flats/street that uses your ISP: In the UK, being the only person in the street/block of flats using an ISP means you don't have to fight with others for a connection to your ISP's exchange: Looking at the Wi-Fi connections, it would appear that I am in this situation.

    Is there anything else you can think of to add to this list of things to check when checking game performance?

    And yes, I am aware of a certain set of other optimisations you can make to the TERA game client. As those could be interpreted as modifying the game files, I think it best we don't discuss those here.
  • Dreamstorm has been disabled in an effort to improve some of the issues individual players are reporting.

    We'll be posting a full summary of recent network incidents that impacted TERA's overall network performance as well as details surrounding a compensation package tomorrow (12/15/2016).

    We appreciate all the reports players have submitted in this thread. They will aid in our continued investigation and monitoring of TERA's server performance going forward. In order to separate major network incidents from isolated, player-specific issues, we are locking this thread as it has served its purpose.
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