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The new gift boxes

So basically, I am just going to write a feedback of what a lot of players ( myself included ) are thinking like right now. I dont know about you guys, but to me it seems that Enmasse and its staff is completely out of the touch with its playerbase. IT seems like we are playing one type of a game and ... you guys at the office are playing something completely else ? Unless you really want to shove this game into a dumpster, then props to you, keep on going !

I am not going to complain about the lag issues and all the issues that you have been having for months now that keep making player base swindling towards the doom for this game. Nope, simply posting a feedback thread about a gifting event and the prizes that make no sense whatsoever.

So... why dont you people just do your homework? You have one of the most active forums and yet, as I mentioned previously, you seem to be completely lacking the information that players provide you with. Not only that you dont listen to us, but you dont listen to the player council either that probably ( I am just assuming here ) gave you feedback of what to put inside the gifting boxes as well... gifts themselves.

So where do I actually start ? Lets start from the beginning. Cause there is quite a bit to discuss about here.

First of all, the prizes. What the... well, I cant even finish this right now because I am so stunned of how much you deter from what people are suggesting and just doing your own thing that clearly and obviously is not working. I dont know a lot about marketing, but if you have a playerbase that screams for something, and you turn around and completely opposite, you will have a lot of pissed off players that are just going to keep leaving this game more and more. And then of course youre just gonna call it a day and make another server merge. Cause you know, that fixes all the problems. NOT.

So basically the mounts are pure... what is the word that im searching for here ? Useless ? Bad ? VERY poor decision? Instead of putting the dragons, as everybody has probably assumed you would, if you were actually listening to your player base and if you were actually you know, playing the game, then all this mess that you just created could have been avoided. And hey ! you would be able to earn a lot more money, but you dont need no money ? With all the decisions that you are making, it seems that you are making a lot of money and you dont need anymore, otherwise you would stop doing stupid decisions like these, respectively.

Instead of putting some costumes that everybody wants, again, you put in 8 useless mounts, couple of emp prizes that I have never heard anybody won, with all due respect, feedstock and spellbinds that we already had a lot of shoved down our throats, two weapon skins that most likely everybody has so far and village atlas and travel journal which will basically make you lose even more elite status buyers since thats one of the core things that elite has.

What would have been A SMARTER IDEA is to make a poll before you did this, and ask players which costumes would they like. But no, you know everything and how it goes, and now you got a lot of people who were ready to spend money, but they wont. Because again, you seem to be out of the touch completely *slow clap*

Onto the next one. The prizes that you get for the gifting. Where do I start here ? You implemented two of the same mounts, re-colored as one of the prize and as the last prize. And took out what everybody was expecting, and thats a elite for a year. Are you hinting something ? Cause it sure seems like it.

First prize is basically something you were giving out for free last year. Another stunned moment when I noticed that, but hey, I dont make decisions, because if I did, or someone that was in the touch with the game, this would never be implemented and you would put something useful back in there for the first prize. Well done, once more. You never seem to cease to amaze me. Me, and a lot of other players.

Now I am not going to complain a lot about the prizes that you get, because hey, with the gifts that you get from wintera, except for the last one which is one year of elite. I dont think anybody in their right mind would drop 400 $ ( maybe one person out of thousand, but most likely very highly unlikely ) for these prizes because they are not worth it. Not even close. But you dont know this, because once again, as I have stated previously, you are completely out of the touch and everything is working and everything is fine. Thats why you keep losing more and more players. But its fine, its all good.

Lastly, you also incrased the price of the boxes itself. I mean, thats like shooting yourself in the foot, but hey ! you know what you are doing !

Best regards, once again, a job well done.
A concerned player.


  • That's how most companies do things. They convince themselves everything is fine when really it isn't and it's pissing off a lot of people, well played.
  • So, an interesting new mount. Too bad it's gated behind either pure RNG loot box nonsense, or gifting overpriced gift boxes (which apparently don't have worthwhile prizes themselves, and more RNG) which will cost around at least 200$. No thanks, not even a permanent account bound mount and flashy new (not) weapon skin are worth that much. Seriously, are you that desperate for money?
  • 1% Hp and mp regen D:
  • just.dont.fell.on.their.marketing.trap
  • I agree with the author. Sense to buy such gifts do not see.
  • Scam. Scam. Scam.
  • I think the Ice cream social should have been put into the box the male newest costume the dragons and the snowballed wraps dyeable
    Old costumes would be chamber and Palor or kitty club dyeable one. the gift giving is over price with pure rng and people not gunna get what they want at least put those decent options and chance in there might make people throw money at the screen then what's in there now. The rng chance should be lessen people spend over 200 on rng not getting single costumes and it pushing the player base. Even the new winter costumes should be added since it is winter after all, not the dyeable ones just the default would work. still surprise tera didn't make a deer mount for the holidays with bells on it. could be riding on bambi right now with the flying mount being available
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Dragon as a jackpot would be nice tbh.
  • EishaaEishaa ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    I must say these boxes have been a huge let down for me (this is the first time I have been around for Wintera - started in January 2016). I started reading about these boxes, and was getting really excited about all the joy that EME said it would bring for me, and for others, and then I looked at the rewards... um, not a lot of these are really that great for the price being charged... and then the knockout blow, when I looked at what these boxes gave in the past Wintera events. These gift boxes are just pathetic in comparison to the earlier ones.

    I'm not even angry about these boxes. I'm just sad. These boxes, which are supposed to get people into the spirit of giving, and bring happiness to everyone involved, simply just DO NOT give things that people will be happy with, both for the giver and the recipient. As much as I'd love to buy these boxes and give them to friends and strangers to make their holidays a little bit (or a lot) happier, I just can't. Too many of the rewards that these gift boxes contain are going to disappoint my recipients, rather than light up their holiday spirit, and that's going to kill my holiday spirit too. I'm really better off coming up with other ways to give gifts to my recipients (and rest assured, it will not involve buying something with EMP).
  • ValiantCorvusValiantCorvus ✭✭✭
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    That's a lot of money to spend on boxes where even the person who gets gifted them won't be satisfied with the results.
  • PixelatorPixelator ✭✭✭✭
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    This is what happens when the chickens of the Mongo events come home to roost.

    If the alks/spellbind/feedstock and undies to a lesser extent (in part due to the goldfinger flood) weren't worth so little, it might have almost been enough to offset the other trash.

    The trap cosmetic prizes are just them being stingy and putting up the stuff very few people likes.
  • Agree whit you, that gameplay is goind to the #payforwinning edge like european servers and hey, there isn't nothing bad into earn lots of money form a good game but not if you are taking your gameplay it into a money machine when servers letterally are dying, every product have a life cycle (PLC) i have worked a lot on it:

    Introduction of the product > Growing > Maturity (cows) > Decline (when a product die)

    All the players here know in which circle Tera is, but guys EME isn't a bad publisher and you guys can do this work better than other [filtered] publishers, simply listening our community.. not for useless meme games but to take that product alive, if you really want to bring back your players that has quitted for this, not just "hey give them a random event with random things, we earn money and all is good" i never played an action game like tera, it have a lot of gaps of performance but is an excellent title to play, one of the best, i really hope to doesn't see that game ruined because many and many people here, new and veteran players, european and americans are here because you can do it better.

    But that's only my opinion, that's your work and we can't talk about how you do it..
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    aeee98 wrote: »
    Dragon as a jackpot would be nice tbh.
    Given all the massive drama around dragons with BHS earlier this year, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that those are off the table, regrettably.
    Eishaa wrote: »
    and then the knockout blow, when I looked at what these boxes gave in the past Wintera events. These gift boxes are just pathetic in comparison to the earlier ones.
    Honestly... they're about the same as last year, really. I put together this list last year when someone had a similar complaint. Just like last year, it has inner armor, some consumables, and lootbox rares. The big problem this year is mounts, because the recently-released dragons are so much better than other prior mounts. So even though from a cash shop perspective they're giving you all lootbox rares, the perceived value of all these mounts is lower.

    So... basically, if it were me, given that dragons are sacred, I would have just not included any mounts in the box at all and used costumes instead. (Or have BHS at least bump up the stats for these old mounts, but I can guess why they don't want to.) But from the perspective of the sales team operating the cash shop, the "EMP value" of the prizes and rewards actually went up this year -- even though the player-perceived value went down. So this thread really didn't surprise me, honestly. I don't think the value is truly quite as bad as people are saying, but I think they overestimated the appeal of the other flying mounts (and underestimated how much people hate the other inner armor, even though that was there last year too).

    At the end of the day, if they sell less, hopefully they learn from it. (And, FWIW, they know the feedback.)
  • In the spirit of gift giving, I'd rather not gift somebody a lottery box. "Hey my gift has a chance to suck, but Merry Christmas!"
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Aaaannnnndddd we are back again with the same stuff that happened the last year Wintera Gift boxes.

    Here is my take on this situation:
    - Last year, and the year before, in fact, ever since the Wintera Gifting center was released, the boxes always costed the same: 20 dollars, and just like this year, people complained about it in the same way that is been done now.
    - Last year boxes, and the year before too, all of the boxes were RNG, which means, you had a chance at something. Same as right now, people complained, but in the end nothing was done.
    - Last year boxes had a list of 31 items, including the EMP jackpots, Travel journal and Village atlas permanent. This year it was reduced to 25. Sure the selection this year could had been better, but there is now less RNG to fight against with less items, so i do not see why the complain if it is the exact same thing as last year: RNG.
    - Last year, and the year before, the good Santa only got stuff a 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 gifts sent. This year however they added one more tier, at 3 gifts, which i personally think is very good, even tho the Santa cap could had been replaced with something else.
    - Last year the gifts for the good Santa were: Santa suit, 3 recolored dragon pets, noble moon, noble timber and elite status for 1 year. LEts dig into those: The santa suit, mehh its always there. Recolored pets? Lets be honest here, who likes re coloring as marketing strategy? not saying they do not look good in those recolors, but we had already 2 recolors before those. Noble moon and timber: IMO the only good things there for the one who send gifts, but unfortunately some months ago they dropped like candy in Halloween from mongos. Lastly, elite for 1 year. Indeed a good gift for someone who sent 20 gifts, but: 20 gifts is roughly 400 dollars. Paying regular price for elite for an entire year would be 179.4 dollars. And you guys want the elite for 1 year gift back right?

    Lets compare that to this year gifts: 1 and 3 gifts sent give you a santa cap and suit. not the best thing ever for the price really. it would be worth it if they were account bound. 5 gifts net you a very wacky re color of the jumpsuits for males and gym clothing for females, with customizable tag. The fact that they are account bound makes it worth it to me, i can just toss the costume if i dont like the tag, and re claim it again from my Claims to write something else. 10 gifts give you probably one of the best looking mounts to date, it flies, it restores hp and mp, and is account bound, which is worth it again to me. 15 gifts is a weapon skin that changes color, very popular from what i saw the moment someone posted them in this forums, and is account bound too. I am starting to see a pattern here. Last gift is the other model of the new mount, account bound again.

    Every single gift from this year for those who send gifts, with the exception of the santa cap and suit, is account bound. Last year everything except the elite for 1 year, was character bound, which makes the gifts of this year much more worth it than last one, that is what i think. I will use the words of many people in the forums here: If i can avoid the gambling by paying more for said items, then so be it, i am guaranteed to have those items at least, items that i may not see ever if i gamble. I could spend much more money by buying the loot boxes, and we know how dreadful the RNG is with the latest loot boxes, and never see the items i want from them.

    Lastly, and i think i am the only person who thinks this way: This is the season of giving, season of sharing, etc. I give without expecting anything in return, because i want to at least, give the people i send the gifts, something more than just the gift: Kindness. If people accept it, then i Happy. If they do not because "Ohh you gave me RNG box that gave me bad stuff, [filtered] you" well, i cannot be blamed for not trying. Either way, we are in America, if you do not like the gift, you can simply sell it or toss it away, like many already do, eventually hurting the feelings of the one who gave it to you out of pure kindness.

    Now if you excuse me, i will write a ticket to EME with a suggestion to add pieces of charcoal next year to the Wintera Gifting Center.
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