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  • E7KJMJA766 wrote: » instead it is better that an entire server can not play it? do you really think that 1 or 2 tanks or 2 healers make the difference? Rly? Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night I think there may still be some co…
  • E7KJMJA766 wrote: » Remove class limit.. do not you think it's a good idea or can nobody play because of you? It's not something that I personally would have direct control over, it is more a design introduced by Bluehole, to avoid matches t…
  • As long as there is enough players ( Queued Solo for Gridiron ) to fill all of the roles ( Tanks, Healers, DPS ), it should allow the queued players to form a Gridiron raid and teleport all of the players into the match.
  • Is your group queued into Gridiron together or Solo ?
  • CEYPRN64CX wrote: » Since RMHM is gone, is there a way to get it right now? or is there a hint to be implemented in the future?. The Ambush Belt can now be earned / purchased through the Bellicarium Shop.
  • Ckopobeu wrote: » And now again as always we go for 20 vs 20 bg cos of Jackpot t12 mats and feed and gues what? we still have old Jackpot instead. EME u never change I'll think this was an oversight, that the rewards from November had be…
  • This was something Suggested pretty early on, so we have put in the request for a "Glyph Pre-sets" system, that allows you to have more than one Glyph setup that can be toggled through.
  • Efalikas wrote: » I linked my account, but didn't get the mount still. Where do I find it? If done correctly, the Terminus Mount should have been delivered to your Item Claim, and can then be claimed by a single character of your choosing.
  • GuardianAngelGG wrote: » I am going to tag @CobaltDragon in this, because it might be a better chance he may see your post and pop in with an official answer. According to the main announcement page "... when you hit certain level breakpoints wit…
  • Sounds like you might have needed to download the Deathwrack update in order to access it. As far as I know, no current items available for purchase in the TERA Store will result in needing to do a separate download, as long as your TERA Game App i…
  • No, there was not a Maintenance planned for today. There was a unexpected Server crash on Meldita & Akasha today, and some reports of character disconnection on Lakan.
  • GJJ6PX43LW wrote: » when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ? Most like it will be a ways off, since that is a Race/Gender that was just added for Brawlers on TERA PC.
  • groovenik wrote: » revamping some of the older weapon skin boxes (like Elleon's) that have a skin for each class except for Valkerie would be a great/easier start than something like the Steam Powered skins that only support the Original Eight cla…
  • 66P6YL9MH3 wrote: » Now, that brawlers can be elin's, I bought a race changer, however, it excludes: brawlers, ninjas, reapers or valkyries. Shouldn't we be able to race change our brawlers to elins? Normally, when an update occurs that bring…
  • I see players are now able to log back in. Thank you for your patience.