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  • GG got juked by free char slot during male brawler patch event. See yaz in 30 days. Cheers.
  • They removed Angel of Death? Damn... I hope I still have it equipped on my Healer. Feels like they added forced title change just to unequip all those removed titles. Cheers.
  • Unfortunately at it's core, Tera keeps being the same old game. Those "old guard" players that tend to be generally helpful have already moved on. I can't even get my friends to check Tera's new updates, that's how much "done" they are with it. And …
  • A: I'm still waiting for Elite changes that would actually be beneficial to casual players. Also... BDO's "sub status" allows for unlimited character customization *wink wink*. Cheers.
  • I see so many negative responses to this suggestion and it really is making me sad. You guys do understand that this suggestion is actually pretty good and some games have FPS improving measures OR/AND PvP "friend or foe identification" features …
  • So nothing on Project EXA? Or was it codename for Tera M? As for A:IR, combat seemed "weaker" and less fluid than in Tera or even BDO. Hopefully it will improve. Cheers.
  • Tera is using Unreal Engine 3 and thus BHS can't mess with engine itself as they lack skill. What they could do is update textures, animations, skill effects to optimize a little bit. Another thing they could do is to migrate to a newer Unreal En…
  • Space Cats rule! Or was it Tunnel Snakes? Cheers.
  • @Yamazuki At current prices I buy a costume once half a year (if even that) instead of buying one every month or so. Even Elite Status is barely worth it when you're lvling a new char, other times you don't even want it. Games with high cash shop pr…
  • @JinxyKat39 I actually didn't notice that until you've mentioned it. @Troyzerk I do customize instead of using presets. I posted those to show the half-arsed job BHS's "intern" did. And I know it was an unskilled person because how eyelash positi…
  • I also dislike costumes being character bound on equip. $10-15 for a costume is already too much and they are bound to a char. At least make BoE costumes way cheaper, it's not like EME can run out of them. Cheers.
  • Squishies wrote: » What? No clapping hands together with giant alchemical circles to perform transmutations!? I'd pay an arm and a leg for this. Cheers.
  • I'd wish for updated GFX with UE4 and new textures. ;3 Cheers.