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  • I rolled my Argosy acc with: Neck 4 End Ear 4 End 4% HP Ring 4 End 256 Heal I lost 0,8 MP Regen and I'm critting for 107,6k (over 112k if target has roll on chest) from HI (before "nerf" it was ~105k). So I'm recommending to keep using Ar…
  • (Quote) Conclusion: Doing math is the same, just you need to know where put what. As I said, I didn't know where to put "Recovers # HP" bonus from weapon. So I ran calculations again and I got that to "restore" Argosy heal powe…
  • Idk if 2142 HP is enough to cover loss of 7% of HP. Edit: It's not. To 2200 HP being equal of 7% HP, you need to have base of ~31,5k and I don't think any class has base hp lower than 60k, so 7% HP is almost 2 times more than 2142 HP.
  • I was thinking about: [Set - Rolls of Neck, Ear, Ring] Manor/Shadow - Heal, HP/Heal, End/Heal or Argosy - Heal, HP/Heal, End/Heal But I can't test them in game yet, cause 1st I need Manor acc :/
  • (Quote) Would be helpful, cause for Healing Circle and my gear (full +15 SF, heal greens, full argosy): Base=3981 #=1030 %=40 Weap=8590 ( Skill Base ) x [ 1 + {[ ( Total # Heal Modifier ) * ( 1 + Total % Heal modifier ) ]/1000}] x ( 1 + Received He…
  • (Quote) That's weird, cause as I said before, this fomula gives me 543k or 30k heal on Healing Circle (depending if I'm taking % as 40 or 0,4) and real amount is ~52k. About "what BHS wanted to do", they wanted to nerf healing, cause amo…
  • And I'm wondering what formula you used to calculate it tbh, cause I want to check my priest with it. I'm not sure if this content is pure hp, why you think so, if I can ask?
  • Question: Why you used 6% as "bonus" in Argosy since it was nerfed and is now only 1,5%? Or it is another kind of bonus?
  • Tbh this formula is useless, I have 40% heal increase from items and according to it, if I'm taking this amount as 0.4, I should heal ~18k from Healing Circle (I heal over 50k), if I'm taking as 40, I'm getting over 530k Oo
  • Ok, thanks I edited.
  • Not 2148, 1202. You can have 256 on rings and necklace and 2nd roll will be 217, 256*3+217*2=1202, so Idk from where 2148 came (even with +15 weap you have +600, so still "only" 1802, not 2148, but weap is not accessory xD). I know why now…
  • I found formula on internet, in gdocs file with changes of VM8 patch: ( Skill Base ) x [ 1 + {[ ( Total # Heal Modifier ) * ( 1 + Total % Heal modifier ) ]/1000}] x ( 1 + Received Heal Modifier ) = Healing Done If it's true and "Total % Heal …
  • But is there some math behind it? I noticed they nerfed set effect from Pinnace/Argosy (from 4%/2% to 1%/0,5%), but I'll lose 16-20 endu, 7% of HP, 580 bonus to heal skills to gain 130 CF and 1202 bonus to heal skills (at max).
  • I just like to point out 1 thing: Tera is showing us perfect condition of their servers after Guilded Age patch. With Spellbound patch coming, I'm seriously considering taking break with pack of popcorn, cause now only thing you can do is "enjo…