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  • (Quote) I'm from..outside US. So I guess I was right when I thought the promotion is region locked after a few tries. But Closers has an EU server, so it's not fair for those players to not be able to have it because of this block -including me-
  • I have the same problem..I linked my account already, refresh the page and try again but keeps giving the same error. Hope they tell us what's wrong with it and give a solution.
  • I want sometimes offers of free items and costumes through codes like it's done in Closer and Kritika's Daily deals :3
  • it was for the dragon riddle that got solved, I saw it in a discord server
  • the most recent I know is this one: 42403918254602173194 it gives you a 14-day dragon
  • Server: Ascension Valley Codes: Airalia#9451 3/3 Affelion#2010 3/3 Airanna#9392 3/3 Sylvane#6299 3/3 Airase#7370 3/3 Airanne#1042 3/3 Moon.Liight#3758 3/3 Valid until: 07-May-18
  • Server: Ascension Valley Codes: Airalia#9451 1/3 Affelion#2010 1/3 Airanna#9392 0/3 Sylvane#6299 0/3 Airase#7370 0/3 Airanne#1042 0/3 Moon.Liight#3758 0/3 Valid until: 07-May-18