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  • Tera pvp discord is a meme and is full of kids, my advice is, play while you can during the events, cuz I highly doubt that Tera will have an active pvp comunity again, that's how it is with the lifespawn of a game.
  • (Quote) They are complaining cuz they can't face the top guilds, easy as that, If they want a solution, they should find a way to make an aliance with the other side of the coin so you can face those who are bothering you, but if you are pretending …
  • At this point if they want to give 100m for doing nothing, go for it, I just don't see how the game economy can be adjusted lol.
  • There is nothing to talk about the adventure coins... I think it's pretty easy to guess why they have to keep this feature LOL "$$$$$$$$". Even if you give 100000 reasons about why they should get rid of this stupid mechanic, the only one …
  • (Quote) I learned one thing, people can do with their money whatever they want, ofc I have braincells and don't waste that much money only in a game, but you know, some people are wealthy and we have to deal with it.
    in Entitled Gamers Comment by Anung June 10
  • (Quote) I think more than a censorship, its a thing related with the age in which the game was created, the character creation is pretty simple and doesn't let you to fully customize your character, if you are interested in something more complete, …
  • The coins and limit entries in dungeons that we used to have is a stupid and out of dated system, however they have to bring back the coins cuz they have to keep this game alive somehow, Im agree with the fact that they should get rid of this, keep …
  • Even if they haven't confirmed a strongbox event, I'm expecting something like that haha, I mean that's the best way to milk right now.
  • (Quote) A week ago, I talked with a friend who has the outfit with the emote (Human Female), she told me that the sound and the animation are perfectly fine, so it makes me think if the problem is only with your end or something, try to repair the g…
  • (Quote) The excuse is that you need more armor than feed since you have 3 pieces to enhance compared with one, which is dumb cuz the price of feedstock is ridiculous high, what they can do is another strongbox key event but I dont think they will ch…
  • Improved feedstocks are they way that EME makes money, dont expect to get 1 - 3 feedstock after completing each dungeon lmao.
  • (Quote) Make a video about the glitch, then submit a ticket with the link of the video on it, hopefully they will fix it soon.
  • (Quote) when you play Tera mods scripts online all you have to do is make a group of friends willing to play with you (healer, tank) that's how you get good at the game lol.
  • This is why you should try to avoid these kind of threads, I mean look at the clown who replied this "QQ more noob the healer sounds like it was you, git gud" pretty sure this is the kind of the people that kick other players cuz they have…