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  • (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) :3 5 years of tera online xd
  • (Quote) While I admire the fact that you do solo q 3's at least, the fact that you're still including gear as a reason why team 3's is imbalanced is actually idiotic, from someone who has been doing team 3's since day one and pretty much plays the …
  • Man this is so sad, I remember back before free to play when the community was small you'd spawn dragons randomly to get pvp started and when I left a guild that I was in for a very long time you messaged me asking if I was ok. You always had a deep…
    in Farewell Comment by Axylus October 2016
  • Luxrays calling people immature for getting personal, then gets personal. Quite hypocritical. Sheltered kids are hilarious.
  • (Quote) It's a waste of time trying to use logic to argue with him, just throw memes at him til he gets mad and eventually stops responding.
  • (Quote) A wild teenager with a social life.
  • (Quote) Your login message is "my elin is fluffier than yours." ... . Top. Cringe.
  • (Quote) Luxrays in 2k16. Top Cringe.
  • (Quote) Just like you decided to call out Manifest as a whole? and specifically call out Buffgasm when she didn't say anything?
  • (Quote) It hurts my brain that someone can be so dumb.
  • (Quote) Luxrays in 2016. Top cringe.
  • (Quote) But everyone attacked us from different sides to avoid that, and they still got wiped. Solunar came from the front and Ama hit us from the back.
  • (Quote) This video wasn't made to BM anybody, it's just to show everyone that even though the event didn't happen everyone decided to fight and still have fun. Sorry you people are overly sensitive and can't handle someone posting you losing in a v…
  • (Quote) Are you in Manifest? Cause as a leader of the guild, while every so often there are some tensions between guildies, everyone seems to get along just fine. There may be 2 faced people and people pleasers within the guild but thats a very com…
  • (Quote) Before I type, let me congratulate you for being the first person to post something so unintelligent it got me to respond semi-seriously. Which guild won the last major tournament event in Tera? I'm sure Letmefistyou is really triggered b…