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  • (Quote) Ah yeah, I guess I worded it wrong. Well I kinda of hope that they would make it so that you could dismantle your costumes and be able to buy the proper one according to the race you currently are. Like I have a summer wrap that is bound to …
  • I just hope I can dismantle my costumes that are race bound so I can trade the coins for a the appropriate race, that way i dont have to bug Eme about race changing my costumes and being denied because its a one a year thing 8)
  • I think it took me like 9 tries to get my Priest chest piece to HO and that's just from +9 SC to HO. Now its HO +3 and that took me until like 30% I believe, don't remember how many tries that was and I really don't want to know > _ <;;
  • Would definitely love to see the old maid outfits back! Waiting on EME to say something about the sale, the last sale they had wasn't that great (BF sale I mean) but I did buy quite a few loot boxes and was not super lucky with them. Other than that…
  • Bara Human Brawler!! eheem. They should have different hairstyles for male characters as well new faces. I always avoid making males because their just so... not worth investing emp on (?) Maybe if we could change their bodies a bit - like not havin…
  • I was expecting a large store sale - just like the black friday sale. I was willing to spend my money and maybe even finally get elite (because its summer) Feelsbadman....
  • I also get [filtered] fps while in dungeons ( 15fps on good days and below 10 most of the time) and for some reason I cant see the attacks hes doing for example "Anyone outside the blue circle will die" or something like that so I have to …
  • null I see. In my city there's a micro center and I heard they can match the price from amazon so I'll probably try your built out. I don't need something super powerful just something that won't give me [filtered] 10fps on dungeons =_=. Ty all