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  • Remember CHRONOSCROLLS! Miss Nexus - a lot. And Ive been away from the game for almost two years, or more. What happened to EME? How did it happen? Is there ANYONE from the team 3 - 4 years ago still there? (You know, those people that oc…
  • There are people playing. Not a ton, but enough for those who need a fix of bunny little girls to get it. There's VEEEERRRY very little development going on: 1) The occasional one room "dungeon" with an hp piñata and some one-shot kil…
  • 15 emps, thanks that's really nice (let's keep an eye on how the price of items get tweaked by 5 emps here and there in the coming months . . . ) I'm still bored though. How about some meaty content? Not a room with an HP piñata or a class to pla…
    in Free EMP Comment by Diver March 2017
  • I've loved this game since open beta, and played the bejeezus out of it. But there's no denying that over 5 years after release they've only launched 1 *small* expansion. They are now focusing on releasing new classes to experience the same ex…
  • I'm just glad it's not another elin-only class. before introducing elin only classes there was at least a bit of diversity. After two elin-only classes now running elin-only or elin-mostly dungeon parties is the rule now. It's disgusting.