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  • I could trade some gold from CH to MT (I have most of my chars on CH). If you're still looking for, pm me.
  • The only thing I can say about Lachelilith, is that is pretty much the best boss so far. Even if its a re-skin of the Argon Queen with new mechanics, its a relly good challenge for hardcore players, and isn't as simple as Imperator's mechanics (Dod…
  • @Spacecats I have a question: IF (And this is a real possibility) Kakao fails on publishing Project W (As many, MANY players will be unsure about playing the game by being published by the same guys that ruined BDO), is it possible for BHS to let E…
  • (Quote) Its so cute, I love it. Thank you so much, I hope you're feeling better.
  • Since October 25th (Spellbound patch) a lot of things stoped working * Campfires * Charms * Stamina and Stamina related items * Scrolls (Endurance, Crit Power, Crit Factor, Atk Spd, etc) * Any other item related to those systems Instead you have HP…
  • Actually, re working TERA even by recycling content and portrait it to UE4 (That would be the current top) would be quite hard to do, and it would demand about 2~4 years to do so: Current content wasn't programmed by BHS themselves, but for a few p…
  • https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/96/buddyup-codes-thread#latest Here's a thread for that. Please avoid making new threads for the same topics. You might be new to the forums, so please keep it in mind for next time.
  • I want to share my favorite video of TERA, back when Tonka and Treeshark were working together for us, the players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tl6wSywIRY Thank you for everything. EDIT: We always used to read Treeshark's name and actually i…
  • Its quite odd seeing the highest En Masse man leaving, but I guess we all expected it to happen sometime. We're not meant to stay at a place forever. I hope you excel and enjoy whatever you keep doing, Treeshark. I wish the best for you.
  • @Frakett Historically, EME loves doing things as a 'suprise', since they can't give much info to their players about how things will be done. We've seen on this patch (if you've been playing for a long time, you will know this is true) that things m…
  • @Frakett https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/6771/dragons/p1 Here, Treeshark made that thread about a month ago. However, they said they wanted to keep 'fighting' the P2W model that many publishers have followed on several games, like EU TERA
  • I've always seen this kind of RNG as a collective RNG: Instead being calculated on your own individual chance, its more like getting all the boxes of the same kind being opened at X period of time, for example, for Crimson Royal Box in a period of …
  • @Keldor837 I wouldn't recommend you using HappyCloud aka Streaming Download. Last time I used it, it lacked of a few files that Repairing Tool never was able to get, and it crashed every time it needed those files. Download it directly instead, eve…
  • I wanted the IGN Gum, sadly someone took it on a Human Male Berserker and never actually played the character. Oh well, douches everywhere.
  • (Quote) Try and name another game decently done, F2P and still not P2W. BDO is P2W, BnS is super grindy and stupidly managed, RoI is almost the same (and seems ultra old graphics wise).