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  • LoveInHell wrote: » Was this really worth making a topic about? I’m not being mean but you shouldn’t even die in Arena, if you did though you should’ve noticed if you lost them or not. Pointless topic. LoveInHell, you spent much more time t…
  • Thank you for taking the time to answer this! Are these sort of (newbe) topics covered somewhere besides being buried in others' questions?
  • Sephlezar wrote: » Soul binding/account binding has been in pretty much every MMO since early 2000's and probably before that. Yep, I seem to remember it back as far as EQ, but that's a ways back. My memory grows fuzzy on some of these deta…
  • If I may glom on to this thread, I also have a newbie question about dungeons. I ran my first one last night, Bastion of Lok, and didn't know what the convention was for picking things up. There seemed to be stuff lying about, but I was reluctant to…