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  • I see you are still arguing with 'no life' @ElinUsagi @LesbianVi @Equitas @StevenAnthony who simply can't stand people having lots of mats in their possession.As salty as it gets,I am not a man who interested in any of their endless dramas.They can …
  • Yes only at +12 you will be eligible to upgrade your misery gear to Twistshard+0 saving all the gold/tokens that you need to spend on Guardian to Twistshard.You can then get free rolls on your gear the first time you activate it from enigmatic statu…
  • Depending on the mats that you are holding,I would strongly suggest that you enchant all your gear now which I will be doing it on my alts very soon.This is because old depleted mats will not longer work in the new patch as it would cost you tokens …
  • (Quote) BYE BYE.But you can keep talking to a dead wall if you want to lol... simply pathetic and sad.
  • Just when I thought one idiot is enough for me to handle comes another "salty drama queen" who thinks I should just leave Britney alone. I am way out of your league LesbianVI and you have a bad username tbh.I dont give a damn what you said…
  • (Quote) I really hate to do this but you are truly a fu/k/king idiot who doesn't understand the wrong of the conversation.Do yourself a favor and shut the hell up if you not helping in any ways.
  • (Quote) I wont be arguing with you.Your point proves NOTHING to all the hard work we have put into this game over the years.The amount of mats gathered by players does not differ how LOW the conversion rate should have been in NA.Do not post your s…
  • (Quote) Welp I am sure I won't be taking advice from a guy who used the leak info for his self greed purposes.Dont try to lecture people kami when you too got your hands dirty by scamming people to buy your mats at a lower price.