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  • I don't get why they didn't make the anniversary event more accessible. I was expecting to have fun but I don't want to have to gear up to participate in what should be a "for everyone" thing.
  • Timescape Bathysmal Rise The Abscess Oh goody. I liked these dungeons.
  • (Quote) It needs to be in your bag to be able to use it but yeah... Maybe I was able to walk away because I wasn't as close to it then. Still doesn't change the fact that this was stupid af. Not a great welcome party for people who are completely …
  • (Quote) Well, the Goddess' Blessing will work so as long as you don't use any skills. Just have to walk away... either way a new player wouldn't know this or have one. The AoE takes a good while to go away as well...
  • Here's mine if anyone still needs one: Espei#5548
  • But what if I want to go on top of the tallest mountain because reasons. Inconsistent flight limits sucked... I can walk to it but can't fly there. O.o Would like to fly higher.
  • Try sending a ticket with as much information as you can remember such as approximate dates, what they were, etc. Make sure to check all tabs as there were some changes to the bank/guild bank at some point. I'm not sure how long ago you played la…
  • Not a huge deal but figured I'd put this here as well. The gear rewarded after handing "Guardian of the Velika" quest (Shoes of the Primus) is set only for Mystic, Priest, and Sorcerer and does not include Ninja although it is cloth. (Im…
  • tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/get-ready-for-secrets-shadows The robe is pictured. (Image) Though not an in-game shot there's also this.
    in kunoichi robe Comment by Espei May 2016
  • The best way to get accepted would most likely be to contact either the guild master or one of their recruiters. Find out what their requirements are for joining their guild and so forth which is better than just randomly applying to as many guilds …