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  • If Tera 2 became reality that would be great as long as it didn't have open world pvp, gender/race locked classes and wasn't complete RNG and P2W. I would love it!
  • (Quote) But that is ONLY if real caimens spawn portals...as I said earlier that is NOT a guarantee. I farmed for two hours on an alt earlier this week and got nothing. We had 3 spawn...all fakes. Two hours and NO exp.
  • I agree with the OP as well. Everything you said is spot on. I agree with Kahgeo too. As I said in another thread, I think the players are truly suffering from RNG fatigue. I know I am. This new gear might be easier to enchant but it has more l…
  • (Quote) The other day I did caimens for 2 hours, we got 3 fakes and no portals. It's RNG like everything else. At least the scrolls are a guarantee even if it's small. Even with that they had to add that RNG factor because even though the box and…
  • (Quote) I have always said that I get that it's a business and they need to earn money. I understand that part. But 3 bucks for a loot box...I have to think they are just pushing it to see what they can get away with. I would be much more likely t…
  • (Quote) I know, temptation overtook me with the shiny black costume. But nope...no more not at 3 bucks a pop.
  • I bought ONE of those new stupidly priced loot boxes and got 4 niveots out of it....seriously 3 bucks for a stupid loot box and this is what is in it? NO, just no. I am not buying one single loot box more if that crap is in there. And why are loo…
  • I love this idea but shudder over what the RNG would be to get them. Loot boxes would cost a fortune and it would be like the rainbow koi...nearly non existent.
  • (Quote) Wanting to have fun doesn't mean you don't spend money on the game. But never succeeding is a sure way to get people to STOP spending it.
  • Well if I can't even get it to +1 after 8 tries....yeah I don't really feel like trying again. Or grinding for mats. You have to have a little bit of success once in a while to have the desire to keep going.
  • I failed 5 times on +1 dark light. Edit: Just tried 3 more times...make that 8 fails at +1. EIGHT!
  • At least they did the survey and want our input. I think that shows that they might listen to their users.
  • I filled it out! I want this game to go on for a long time, and I want it to be saved.
  • (Quote) This right here...I want to level up and gear up my alts, but I don't want to grind forever. I don't know why they think endless grinding is so much fun. And before anyone accuses me of just "wanting everything handed to me" that…
  • Lazy players you say? Some of us worked for our HO for a YEAR. And I got it handed to me alright...after a YEAR working for it. I have yet to see anyone ever say they wanted anything handed to them on the forums. No one says that, no one asks fo…