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  • So they finally give us scrolls to help with enchanting but put them in the game in the dumbest way possible. Sounds about right.
  • It does, but it doesn't let you change a pet to a companion's appearance I believe and whatever you use for the appearance is lost.
  • All the things you suggested are good. Maybe incorporate fishing and crafting also. What about a scavenger hunt? Where you have to find items on the map, get crafted items, so many of this type of fish, etc. It would be great to do something ou…
  • (Quote) My soul crushing failure rate was the same as any other day, it was definitely not an event.
  • (Quote) Why is it illogical for them to let us earn the brown dress instead of putting it in a loot box? What is wrong with an occasional free costume we can work for that isn't complete garbage? Besides neither dress is dyeable and it's in the sa…
  • (Quote) Of course they did, why would they give us anything anymore for all the time we spend on the game. :s
  • I agree, I don't see it happening though. They couldn't care less.
  • I only look at the discord occasionally, I never post there. It's scary.
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  • They removed a ton of dungeons, made easier ones harder, the event isn't that great. Que's seem to be taking a while even during the anniversary event. I don't PvP so I can't speak to that but people say you still get booted and all. I don't thin…
  • While it's fine if you liked the event, others didn't. I didn't see much in the way of actual events. There was very little "do this thing to earn this" type of activities. Most of it was from the cash shop. Even if you bought stuff wi…
  • Recently you had the chance to get the spring maid from the magical token things that you got from the weapon of mass devotion loot box. There are even still some in the broker. I haven't seen the glasses in a while.
  • Why wouldn't they make it tradeable though...nevermind I don't know why I even ask.
  • (Quote) I have made suggestions all over...we all have. We want the tokens to be bankable so we don't have to endlessly grind on ONE char. We want the costs lowered because they said that this is for casual players....what casual player is going t…
  • (Quote) I have one of every class at level 70 in gold gear or better. I think you are missing the point I was trying to make. And also just because I don't want to grind into oblivion for an event, and I don't think most other people do either me…
  • (Quote) Will do it, and enjoy it aren't the same thing. I did do it for this event...once. I just can't do it again. I had to put a pain patch on my shoulder when I was done and my neck is still sore from sitting hunched over doing dungeon after …